Poem ‘Until the End of the World’ (work in progress)

© copyright dfbarker2011

Until the End of the World

He walked with me
some of the way

Through the dark woods
he became a bright torch
to illuminate overgrown paths
where leaves of oak and ash
caressed my face like friends

On the high moorland
he was the warm fleece
which I wrapped around myself
to shelter from the cold and rain

And when we sat down
in the clearing by a stream
he produced this feast of food
which I shared with a host of birds
and others sitting tamely at my feet

But when he stood up to go
his skin turned a deathly white
I watched helpless
while he vanished silently
into a bank of willow and alder
swallowed by the rush
of the now turbulent stream
The animals all scampered away
to peer at me from somewhere
unseen in the shadows

I began to trudge home
shivering on the high moorland
drenched to the skin
with only hardy sheep for company
who eyed me warily
when I staggered by

Once back in the dark woods
I soon became lost
the stinging branches whipping me
and thorns piercing my flesh
while groping my way through

In my bag I found the old torch
with its flickering light
I hit it against a tree
trying to make it work –
my only recourse
in such a state of loss

*dedicated to all those who have found faith

© copyright David Francis Barker 2011

*image is a digital manipulation an original

25 thoughts on “Poem ‘Until the End of the World’ (work in progress)

  1. I got lost in this, David; completely drawn in. And I love the weaving metaphors through the great simplicity of the visions. Lovely, lovely poem.


  2. “the stinging branches whipping me
    and thorns piercing my flesh”

    This gave me visions of Jesus Christ on the cross taking the pain so we could be free.


  3. This is a truly beautiful poem David, like a prayer in a way.

    Finding faith can be an arduous journey but what a joy when the spark of hope lights our way. That spark stays ignited even when I think it may have died.



  4. Once again,D.F., your almost frightening painting and your verses certainly match! Trying to find some “light” from that torch after the white figure disappeared: very scriptural and yet very accurate in the secular world(which, of course, belongs to HIM, anyway!) Masterful job here!


  5. This poem really speaks to me. I caught the spiritual imagery almost immediately and was rewarded by your tagline re: faith. Your artistry is captivating and I’m eager to share your site. Thank you for stopping by to “see me”–it gave me the chance to discover your beautiful words and artwork. I’ll be eager to read more. Debra


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