‘Haiku 2012 #1’

galactic crosshairs
fire in a frigid hole
no sure repentance

©copyright dfbarker 2011

*first of a few of these, I may stray from the ‘accepted’.

11 thoughts on “‘Haiku 2012 #1’

  1. Lovely! I wrote one book of haiku several years ago. A collection of my impressions of living in a new landscape…I printed it at home and hand-sewed and bound a set of ten small books. It was great fun 🙂 Haiku are wonderful for seeing the essence…for boiling down the sauce.


  2. D.F., I somehow think of the expected longer solar flares in 2012 and the lack of repentance on the part of earth dwellers in the face of predicted new natural disasters. Your haiku packs a whollop!


  3. I love that you experiment! Your versatility continues to draw me in! I rather enjoyed this haiku. I’m always curious as to what I interpret between the lines…not being sure of my own understanding, but isn’t that the fun part? Debra


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