Poems: Haikus— ‘Changes’

Haikus— ‘Changes’

step back little life
faces change though streets remain
cross with no regrets

spring’s hushed voice in trees
snow lingers on in furrows
earth unbends to light

poems and photograph © copyright dfbarker 2012

36 thoughts on “Poems: Haikus— ‘Changes’

  1. Hi,
    The changing of the seasons, very nicely done. 🙂
    We are coming into Autumn here which starts on the 1st March, and that will be the end of our summer.


  2. Hi, thank you for your comments. Well, am I right in saying that at least your winters aren’t as ‘bad’ as ours in England?


  3. You are spot on there. In the part of Australia that I live in we don’t get snow, it is classed as being part of the tropics. 🙂

    There are parts of Australia that do get snow of course. If looking at a map these are around the bottom part of OZ, (still nothing like England) I live more towards the top end of OZ. 😀


  4. “Spring’s hushed voice in trees”–this is so very accurate and touches my earth-mother heart! I also though there was a lot of truth-telling contained in that capsule of a stree-crossing haiku!


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