Poem ‘Brief’


Of the class of ’77
to my mind you were the best

Diamond moments
in empty halls,
instruments lying at your mercy,

each note, every chord
an affable smile
pavilioned in memory

How could you
be so brief,
this grief be so long?

image and poem Β© copyright dfbarker 2012

38 thoughts on “Poem ‘Brief’

  1. We lost two old friends this week…the poem takes on some personal meaning. Poetry softens the edges a bit, I think, not because the image isn’t sharp, but because in poetry there is a sense that some of life’s passages are just shared by everyone. Your words of loss and grief imply you know something about that, too. I come back regularly to see how you put words to things we all experience but don’t have the ability to say in a meaningful way. Debra


  2. dfb,
    I so loved your poem. It so resonates with me. I have not been blogging as my everyday friend died in a flash flood without saying goodbye, but I have been reading your blog and have seen at least two of your poems that have made me feel connected in grief.
    Best, Sarah


  3. … a lovely one David, sad or happy…itΒ΄s for the reader to decide…I’m sure every single one felt warmth within your words, and was drowned into a cloud of memories…. (well…at least I was… :))


  4. Hi – sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, this is about a school friend. Thank you Debra, I appreciate your comments.


  5. sounds like music, summer and love…and how could we ever forget…no matter how brief..made me somehow think of “summer of 69″…nice…humming…smiles


  6. This is so beautiful David.Its is just the way life is, people come and go and they leave these imprints behind in every thing, even on our soul and every now and then a breeze brings those memories gushing back to us..


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