Poem ‘I could live with it’

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I could live with it,

I mean an endless sun,
sipping cool pina coladas
in bottlegreen shade,
watching boats and glimmers
on the steady seas,
smiling abroad in January
like it was wilting June

Yes, right now I could go for that,
especially in this reluctant spring,
where complaints about drought
are already here.
Hosepipe bans hit headlines
while I watch daffodils being battered
and bowed by sheets of savage rain.
And I’m pestered
by cats attacking bare feet;
like me, they’re already tired
of watching drops clatter on sills.
Unlike me, they resort
to playing hide and seek,
upstairs and then down—
flying all around.
I’m sure they think it’s me
with the weather remote
and today I wish it was

poem © copyright df barker 2012

45 thoughts on “Poem ‘I could live with it’

  1. 🙂 Hi David,
    lovely, and it is raining here too, so I can relate. I would like a little holiday there in the sun, before it gets too hot there! Those cats made me smile.
    What ever happend to our climate!


  2. So nice to see the word “Hosepipe”! My husband always corrects me with “water hose”.


  3. Thanks very much Ina! Yes, it’s the irony, we are surrounded by sea but are short of water! Well, there are ways to desalinate seawater.


  4. water water every where but….:(
    I am far away from oceans in northern India the spring ditched us midway and its scorching hot here
    but then there is always a hosepipe ban here no matter what the season
    read about the recent ban you are talking about ….most parts of our world is suffering from drought.
    What a lovely poem on weather 🙂
    Oh weather remote would be real nice..I miss winter 😦


  5. I love that idea.. yes, a “weather remote” would be wonderful.. I hope your rain ends soon.. perhaps you could send it on to dusty old Calgary? Love this poem today!


  6. I could live with this, too, David, it sounds wonderful! I’ve always been fond of tropical settings, though. Love your description and beautiful, inviting image! Soon the rain will leave and spring will come for good! 🙂


  7. Fantastic!! This became more and more amusing as it progressed. And I love the way you transfer from one subject to another so seamlessly – echoes of Billy Collins I feel, one of the very few poets I am learning about and reading.

    And the daffodils and tulips have been savaged by snow too!! Crazy!



  8. Wonderful poem David. 🙂

    “Hosepipe bans hit headlines
    while I watch daffodils being battered
    and bowed by sheets of savage rain.” – rings very true!

    It happens so often too… though, perhaps not just yet seeing as though we’ve had our glorious weather interrupted by a freak snow-storm yesterday! I don’t think the weather knows what it’s doing any more!


  9. Hi, Christine! Thank you very much, I haven’t read any Billy Collins to be honest, so I will look him up. I’m grateful.


  10. Thank you very much Eve, I’m very grateful to you! Shows my age, you see, always going on about the weather, the prices of bread, petrol, the government… I’m just a moaning old hack! 🙂


  11. You have done it yet again….love what you see here, and how you weave your real life into the fantasy of “living with it” sipping your pina colada.

    “bottlegreen shade” is classic!


  12. Dear DF, follow the example of your cats–they truly know how to enjoy a rainy day indoors! Love this poem, for I feel your light-heartedness in it!


  13. I was recently presented with a Leibster Award by Colddeadheart and I have nominated you to receive one due to the outstanding contribution that you make to the artistic community. Please see my latest post for details. – Brian


  14. Sounds like you’re writing about our area, David! And I too believe our cat thinks we control the weather. Oh, for a nice, warm sunny day (like we used to have in April). I could go for that too. Enjoyed this, and can empathize!!


  15. It would be wonderful escape to that lovely island in the ‘bottlegreen shade’ (I love that descriptor!) and revel in the beautiful weather. We exchanged spring for winter and summer for spring here this year and we are well on the way to drought also…it has hardly rained for weeks. I love the tone, voice, and pace of this, it feels very natural and I can picture it all so clearly.


  16. Thank you Emma, I am very grateful for your comments. Yes, just sometimes, it would be nice to have a few weeks of ‘steady’ weather! 🙂


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