Poem ‘A Robin’s Descent’

A Robin’s Descent

The rain is gone,
though a heaviness remains.

Between this precious repose
and first glimpses of a lighter day,

a robin drops to drenched grass,
almost tame and curious,

the colour of passion,
his peppy, ardent life

among manifold greens.
Then he pops up once more,

daring closer this time,
an upturned table leg his perch,

to peek inside this house
of false comfort,

bringing life to worn out lives

poem and image Β© copyright df barker 2012

44 thoughts on “Poem ‘A Robin’s Descent’

  1. Hi David
    how lovely this robin, the painting and poem. πŸ™‚ They are always around in Winter, and solitair as they are. they never show up with a mate? I wonder where they go to in Summer? They must have nests somewhere…

    The tags says legends, that makes me curious, could you tel the legends? πŸ™‚


  2. Hi,
    You wouldn’t believe it but as soon as I clicked onto your blog and I just started to read your post, the heavens opened up and the rain is pouring down, what are the odds. πŸ™‚

    A very nice poem, and I love the painting as well.


  3. “Bringing hope to worn out lives.” Birds do bring us joy. When I wake up in the morning they’re the first thing I listen for. Beautiful painting.


  4. beautiful…poem is magickal anf the painting is enchanting….
    as always…..


  5. Beautiful painting, any creature of nature,birds or animals warm up heart like nothing else can….
    Loved the poetry David…often sit in my balcony and observe birds and squirrels after the rain.. they are great healer and brighten up the mood…
    loved how closely you have watched Miss Robin’s behaviour…


  6. I love the painting of your Robin. So engaging! I enjoyed the lightness in this poem…we’ve had a few days of rain, too, and no sun yet this morning. I will picture the curiosity of this little bird, coming out and exploring in the drenched grass! Debra


  7. first i thought, it’s really just about that robin..i mean..that would’ve been enough as i love how you describe the scene…but then…you go beyond it..and leave space for us to interprete..i like..


  8. I feel a bit melancholy at the end of this one, David. I love how you’ve used the robin to explore the contrast between happiness/contentment and the more oppressive feelings of what I’m reading as depression or maybe just a case of the doldrums. It works so well as you move from ‘the color of passion’ to the internal feeling of being worn out coming from the speaker. On another note, I must say I truly love this painting!


  9. The painting of the robin is just enchanting and delightful it compliments your most lovely poem so well.
    I found your poem most uplifitng after an early morning full of fog and rain with twitter of birdsong in my ears now as I read and a glance of sunshine emerging.
    This made for a most lovely and peaceful start to my day,
    Thank you for sharing such a charming painting and poem.

    Tikarma. x


  10. Hi. Your painting is terrific… especially his eye. In your poem, I like the first two lines and the way it capures the ‘feeling’ after a rain. Jane


  11. “to peek inside this house
    of false comfort,
    bringing life to worn out lives”

    Oh wow, what a powerful ending.


  12. So much to enjoy here: the wonderful painting, and your poem is precious.

    ‘a robin drops to drenched grass,
    almost tame and curious,

    the colour of passion,’
    his peppy, ardent life

    Every bird, every flower, every leaf and breeze and raindrop can tell us something about our lives…without even trying to!


  13. Thank you so much for all your comments, they are appreciated. I will be taking a short break from blogging for a few weeks now. πŸ™‚


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