Poem ‘Beachcombing’


We set out one morning
after the rain had cleared.
Not a breath of wind,
loose clothes sticking to my skin.
Our intention was to search
the shallow beach,
stretching so far ahead of us
towards lights on low, murky cliffs—
baleful beacons through the mist.
“Stop there!” you said
and took that picture of me,
my trousers rolled up;
never the most fetching sight.
“Walking on water,” that’s
what you called it right away:
Maybe this was the closest
we ever got to heaven

poem and image © copyright df barker 2012

20 thoughts on “Poem ‘Beachcombing’

  1. Hi. This is a very good poem. It has a very ‘present’ poignancy. I especially like the line about the rolled-up pants and the bit of dialogue. The painting looks like the two people are deep in thought. I also like the subtle diagonal line made by birds and people. Jane


  2. The crashing waves outside my hostal window here in Cruzita Ecuador make a perfect backdrop for your poem. As always, you capture the moment with eloquence! z


  3. This made me smile..there is heaven in so many things small of big. walking on beach holding hands,those little stolen moments from the ever busy life are so divine
    …walking on water….beautiful poetry David 🙂


  4. ““Walking on water,” that’s
    what you called it right away:
    Maybe this was the closest
    we ever got to heaven”

    This is really beautiful David, thank you for sharing the moment. 🙂


  5. A poem like this is so personal and yet so outreaching at the same time…letting the reader share in the experience in both a real and imaginative way. There is a certain dreamlike quality to the painting which I love too!


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