Poem ‘Chances’

A set of Poker dice as used in Liar dice (indi...
A set of Poker dice as used in Liar dice (individual hand). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You watch me do the washing up,
clean surfaces and toilets.
All the time you’re standing there,
moaning, swaying in your underwear,
sleepily spooning chocolate cereal
into that stale and coated mouth.
You must look at me and think
this will never be you,
that someone will always be here
to do this, the menial things,
the responsible things.
Maybe in twenty years
your swelling salary
will provide the foreign cleaner,
so you and some lover
can roam that glittering world.
Maybe sooner than that;
this huge lottery win
you keep hankering for
will surely drop the easy life
straight into your lazy lap.
Chances are, it won’t.
Do you still want to know
what the future might hold?
Take a look at me.

poem © copyright df barker 2012

21 thoughts on “Poem ‘Chances’

  1. this made me smile..i have three kids and one of them could be the one you described…but my mom would’ve said the same about me i guess and people change once they grow up…though i wouldn’t mind a lottery win..just saying..smiles..good stuff david


  2. oh my goodness 😯
    David that is one bitter message loud and clear to all the lazy bones..
    but some times things have to be drilled in one’s head to get them on right track


  3. Very proper “telling off” here, DF! How many of these chocolate cereal spooners do I see in quickstop shops and fastfood joints!


  4. All of our kids are grown. Our second daughter was wild and willful, always giving us more trouble that we could imagine that one of our wonderful children could possibly make. Today she’s been teaching high school English for thirteen years and is as sound and responsible an adult woman who is a wonderful role model for her two daughters and her students as anyone could want. Time passes. People grow, at least sometimes. Though boy can teenagers particularly be irksome.


  5. Bitter and with flash of anger, but hey, so realistic. We all have dreams and we all want the best available, but sometimes what we get is … misery and lack of luck! Loved this poem, because it wasn’t that long ago when I realized some things, no matter how hard you try, are impossible! The moment of the realization actually makes you a bit more human, a stronger human!


  6. Thank you! I haven’t forgotten about writing something for Moonlight Sonata – just can’t find the time!


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