Astrology Musings: Brexit – Will Britain Leave on October 31 2019?

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At the time of writing, Britain is due to leave the European Union on Thursday October 31 2019. But is it a trick, or treat?

Well, from a mundane astrological point of view, I have set two charts to try to get an all round sense of it. Here are my musings.

One is set for 11 pm of that day, possibly the actual time of leaving. Another for midday, which often used in the timing of important national events, like coronations. Both are set for Westminster, London.


In the 11 pm chart Leo is rising, setting a ‘sovereign’, sense of pride feel to the chart.

Also, Aries is on the midheaven at this point, suggesting a decision being made, though not without much further deliberation, with Aries’ ruler Mars in Libra in 3rd house.

The sun (chart ruler) is in Scorpio and the 4th house. The negotiations are likely to have been intense and the focus will be on the opposition to the government, perhaps the people.

Sense of Freedom

The Moon has just passed Jupiter in Sagittarius, 5th house – do we see here a sense of celebration of ‘freedom’ which Brexit entails for many people? This is certainly a very positive indication.

Saturn, ruler of the descendant, and thereby in this case the EU ‘opposition’, is in the 6th house, still close to Pluto in Capricorn and square Mars in Libra in the 3rd house:

Constitutional and civil service matters have been looked at seriously, with drastic changes implied (Saturn, Pluto, Capricorn 6th) and not without much further argument and discord involving legal and diplomatic concerns (Mars, Libra, 3rd).

Change in the Air

Uranus, ‘planet’ of sudden change is in Taurus, high up in the 10th house. This is another indication that fundamental changes in the governing of the United Kingdom is in the air at this time – but what kind?

In the chart set for midday on that same day, we have Capricorn rising, which puts the Saturn Pluto conjunction in the first house, focusing on a nation which is facing fundamental political change amid strong opposition for no such change.

No Deal?

The Moon Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius is strongly applying, again is this stressing the public’s sense of freedom? And does this also symbolise the fact that no deal has been reached and that the UK is leaving without one?

With Cancer on the descendant (foreign affairs, treaties), the Moon’s rulership and conditioning (in Sagittarius close to Jupiter) may suggest that the EU is willing to loosen the ties.

Mars in Libra in this chart is in the 10th house of the government, stressing the legal and diplomatic wrangling, perhaps more evident at that time.

Lots of Activity

A very full 11th house suggests strong parliamentary and legislative activity. The Mercury Venus conjunction indicates positive results.

So, that’s a quick perusal over it but what does it mean?

Of course, we are told the UK can leave the EU at any time before that October 31 deadline, so long as a deal has been agreed.

But does that date represent the actual leaving date? Yes, I think it might well do and it may just be a so-called ‘no deal’ too.

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  1. Zoolon · June 7

    I live in hope that you are wrong on this one. All forms of freedom is ‘remaining’ in Europe. Great read regardless ~ Zoolon aka George


  2. Leofwine Tanner · June 7

    Hi, many thanks for your comments. I do understand what you’re saying.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oldpoet56 · August 22

    As a very good friend of mine used to say “we shall see what we shall see”, time is the teller of reality. I like your article so I am going to reblog this one for you.


  4. Leofwine Tanner · August 22

    Oh bless you! You are very kind, thank you


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