Enter Mars, Stage Right – Astrology Musings

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Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

Of course, I’m talking about Mars marching into Leo today, where he stays until around the middle of August. It promises to be a dramatic, and hopefully enjoyable, Summer (northern lands).

I might be overstating the case but has this year has had a rather depressive, introspective feel to it so far?

With Neptune seeking ever more mystical ways of contemplation in Pisces, and with Saturn and Pluto slowly coming together in Capricorn, along with Uranus moving into Taurus, threatening to destabilise political and financial structures generally, I sense a very serious atmosphere.

Then along comes Mars marching into Leo, promising to let us off the leash for a time.

Flaunt it

Even with Jupiter in his own sign, who is retrograde at present, that’s all very well if you are keen on developing an inner philosophy right now. That’s boring, right? Mars in Leo insists you get out there and flaunt it.

So what do we have? Mars is energy, primal energy essentially. Leo is creation, kids, kicking that football.

Surge of creative energy

It should be a good time for playing sport, being creative, joining a drama group…

For more especially Leonine types, they will feel a surge of energy they will want to use, as indeed will the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

Aries will be up for enjoyment, expending energy in all these creative pursuits. Sagittarius may feel even more like travelling than normal, perhaps doing some long distance hiking, for example, or visiting some very distant, very different cultural hot spot.

Beware of agitation

Aquarians, for example, though they too might feel their relationships invigorated, should be aware of agitation.

In fact, that would be the general cautionary word in regard to Mars in Leo – yes, get out there and enjoy yourself, but don’t overdo it.

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