A November ‘Brexit’ Election? Astrology Musings

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*Reader beware – due to the combustible political climate, symbolised astrologically by up and coming Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn etc., circumstances are likely to change at a moment’s notice.

In the often bizarre British and European world of Brexit, which somewhat mirrors political circumstances elsewhere, things have now reached new levels of incredulity. New British PM, Boris Johnson, recently installed as premier to finally deliver on the referendum result of some 39 months ago, is already floundering under the weight of the political impasse.

We have been told that we (the UK) are leaving, in some capacity, on or by October 31 2019. However, there is serious reason to doubt this now due to recent events, which has seen the Conservative minority government lose more MPs through dismissal and defection, and therefore completely lose its effective power to govern, handing control of Parliament to the opposition.

It is a situation few could have predicted even three months ago and constitutionally, the United Kingdom could be said to be in uncharted waters. What is certain, is that there has to be a general election quite soon.

Roller coaster ride

Astrologically, Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, threatening to bring down or wholly transform existing political and economic structures worldwide. It has been a roller coaster ride.

In the 1066 ‘birth chart’ for England, the moment William I was crowned on Christmas Day of that year, Capricorn is of prime importance, containing the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the midheaven point. For me at least, this chart is the most resonant of the England/UK charts. The ever increasing activity in Capricorn, which reaches a crescendo next year, quite possibly means that 2020 is likely to be a major watershed year for the UK and indeed the world.

There has already been much talk about a ‘snap’ election, though it is difficult to see how it could happen before Brexit is delivered – but anything seems possible in this climate.

The opposition in control

What is more, the opposition has blocked the PM’s move to call such an election, at least until a ‘no deal’ Brexit by October 31 is ruled out. This would seem, at the present time of writing, to make November more likely as the period for a ‘snap’ general election. Some of the earlier dates proposed, like October 15, fall on days other than Thursday, which is the traditional day of the week UK elections are held on – more protocol being broken.

Normally, there is roughly a four week campaign for General Elections in Britain, although shorter ones are not unheard of, so to me two feasible election dates are Thursday November 21 or Thursday November 28, assuming that the traditional day of the week will be adhered to.

Autumn elections are a rarity in Britain. If a new deal with the EU can be struck soon, and thereby rule out ‘no deal’, which is what the opposition parties who are in control want, then the election could be as early as November 7 or 14, but I am assuming that everyone will have wanted to make sure the country has got over the October 31 threshold – presumably with some deal! The election campaign could then begin in earnest on November 1.

Mars Uranus dichotomy

So let’s have a quick look at those two dates, both set for the opening of the polls at 7 am at Westminster, London, England. Bear in mind though, that it might well not be either of these dates.

Using the whole signs house system, which I favour, in both charts Scorpio is rising, making Mars the ruler of the chart in house 1 in opposition to Uranus in Taurus in house 7. If we use Pluto as co ruler of Scorpio, however, as some say, then that adds the deeper, more transformative element to the whole situation.

The first house stands for the nation as a whole and Mars here in Scorpio indicates strong feelings, entrenched feelings, even a burning sense of resentment, for whatever reason.

This may be an indication of the strongly partisan nature of the Brexit process which has divided the country and Europe, as seen by Mars’ close opposition to Uranus in Taurus in house 7. Here is the implacable, though unpredictable nature of opposition to the nation and within the nation, which as Taurus is a money sign, is usually in the form of financial issues like deals, or no deals, threats or even fear mongering, as some imply.

Government ‘in control’?

In the November 21 chart, the Sun is in Scorpio in house 1, the Sun being ruler of the 10th house of government. This may be a sign that the government and leaders are steering the process and are somehow ‘in tune’ with the majority of the nation.

Also in the November 21 chart, the MC or midheaven ruler Mercury, another indication of governmental matters, is also in Scorpio in house 1, again hinting that the government will be in control of the situation ‘in the interests’ of the nation.

The Moon, which can stand for the public in mundane astrology, is in Virgo, just beyond the MC, which may also be a positive sign for the government, indicating the public mood might be approving of recent government policy, though that may be difficult to envision at the moment.

However, the Moon is also in a separating opposition to confusing, deceptive Neptune in house 5, which could mean that any approval given to the government is highly misleading, even wafer thin. The Moon is also in good aspect to the house 4 ruler, Saturn, standing for the opposition, which could mean that the opposition might stand to gain from the situation, though whether that would be enough to win the election is doubtful.

Good deals in the offing?

There is also a Venus Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius in house 2, which might indicate good economic factors coming into the equation, like deals with the USA, for example, especially as Venus is also ruler of house 7 of foreign affairs and treaties.

Moving to the November 28 chart, one major difference is that the Sun has moved into Sagittarius and house 2 and is making a close semi sextile (30 degree) aspect to Mars, the chart ruler.

Financially and politically this is more positive, especially aided by a relatively new Moon strongly applying to a conjunction with Jupiter in the same house 2. This may be a sign of a kind of ‘feel good factor’ the government can benefit from, though it is difficult to see what difference a week could make in that regard, unless it’s to do with trade deals.

The Mars Uranus opposition is less strong here, though still in effect, indicating the highly contentious nature of the election.

Venus in this chart has moved into house 3 of communication and is applying a good trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus in house 7 and to the chart ruler Mars in house 1. Venus is still just about conjunct Jupiter, too, which could all indicate that there are beneficial trade deals and treaties in the offing again, plus, perhaps a certain luck factor.

The other difference is that the MC (midheaven) ruler Mercury, is in better, more positive aspects, though one of these aspects is to Neptune and the other to Saturn.

No ‘no deal’ means no deal between Tories and Brexit Parties

Out of the two dates, I would favour November 28 as the better if the government are seeking a clear mandate (though would appear to be out of their control now), like the chance of an overall majority, though neither date looks particularly ideal to me because there is no escaping the Mars Uranus house 1 and 7 dichotomy, which encapsulates stubborn resistance of those both for and against Brexit.

Other factors, like the striking of a deal with the EU, are likely to mean that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party would not support the Conservatives, and would contest all UK seats, thereby dividing the ‘Brexit’ vote.

One way out of the impasse would be to resurrect the ‘May Deal’, perhaps with a few alterations, to effectively get Brexit over the line by October 31. However, if this happens, it almost certainly consigns the Conservatives to defeat as the Brexit Party will never form a pact under those circumstances. The only way that I can see a pact between these two is via a ‘no deal’ solution, which is less likely now due to the control of the opposition parties.

Either way, looking at it purely politically or astrologically, it is difficult to predict anything in this wholly confused and combustible period. Once we do know the date of a general election, then I will look at that chart in more detail.

Take in to account also the approaching Saturn Pluto conjunction and the potentially epoch making grand conjunction of Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius in late 2020, and it’s difficult to see any politician worth his or her salt making a good call in these changing times. But more of this in later pieces.

copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019

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