Jupiter Aries Ingress – An Important New Beginning

Jupiter takes nearly 12 years to move around the zodiac and 12 is a significant number.

Its Aries ingress on May 11 2022 marks an important new beginning for travel, enterprise, philosophy and religion, just as the Sun’s entry into Aries each year marks a new beginning.

For Aries dominant individuals, a new phase of opportunity is upon you. Look to expand your interests, over the next year, bearing in mind that Jupiter will retrograde back into Pisces for a time later in the summer.

For people in general, we need to start looking more at ourselves, ways to improve who we are, how we appear and what we do.

For the world in general, this marks a phase for more opportunity, for greater leadership which is both benevolent and broadminded, whilst taking care of the sovereignty of nations.

For Great Britain, the ingress chart above indicates that the nation itself has now the opportunity to improve itself from the bottom up, and there will be practical openings to do this beginning quite soon.

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Jupiter into Pisces: Welcome Home – And Get Ready!

Photo by Miles Hardacre on Pexels.com

Recently, on December 29 2021, Jupiter finally entered Pisces, its own sign. Jupiter is not exactly badly placed in Aquarius, but perhaps can be a little too ‘holier than thou’ at times. I think there’s been a bit too much of that in 2021. In Pisces, the natural generosity of Jove exudes compassion and largesse.

So what does the ‘giant planet’s’ entry into the Fishes mean for us all? Well for Pisceans especially, it may finally feel like coming home, to a place where you can relax and breathe. Psychologically, we should all begin to feel a little happier; things should start to fall into place a little easier – and this may also be true for the world until May 11, when rapid Jupiter enters Aries until the end of October, auguring in a completely new phase for us all.

Make the Most of it

Therefore it is important, I think, to make the most of the period from January to early May. The world will finally feel a little easier to live in. There might even be a resurgence in the practise of traditional religions, especially Christianity, a feeling that we need to dig deeper to get the best and most meaningful sense of what it means to be alive. It will be a good time for introspection, to meditate, to start that yoga class too.

It won’t be until late October that retrograde Jupiter moves back into Pisces, but only for a couple of months. So any work and healing in regard to your subconscious mind, or deep seated psychological problems, should really be completed by early May. Make the most of it, before Jupiter’s entry into Aries truly restarts the world.

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