Astrology Today: Reflect, Dream… Put it into words.

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The Moon in Pisces today makes it a perfect time for reflection and introspection, especially as she has just conjoined retrograde Neptune. Imaginative and artistic pursuits favoured.

However, the Moon also makes beneficial trine aspects to Mars and Mercury in Cancer later, heightening emotional energies and expression verbally and through all communicative means. A good day for creative writing about the home and family, for example.

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Haiku: Peace


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Peace is an absence
Inaction is best enjoyed
A smile in silence

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A Lost World: Crowland Abbey, England Part 2

The ruins of Crowland Abbey lie in south Lincolnshire, England. 

What was once the north aisle of the abbey had been adapted to make the present day parish church.

Croyland is the old name for the settlement.

DSC_0012 (1)

In the nave looking east.


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DSC_0016 (2)

DSC_0014 (1)

DSC_0018 (1)

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Looking west from the chancel.

Haiku: Moon Mystery

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You’re a mystery
I only see half of you
But I’ve left footprints…

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A Lost World: Crowland Abbey, England. Part 1

Crowland Abbey lies in the heart of the English fenland region, in the south of Lincolnshire.


The abbey was one of the more prominent victims of Henry VIII’s and Thomas Cromwell’s Dissolution of Monasteries, an action which made England’s monarch immensely rich.


The present church has been created by adapting what was once the north aisle of the abbey.

DSC_0008 (2) - Edited

Saint Guthlac was the founder of the abbey in the middle of the so-called Dark Ages. The land all around this area of the Anglian kingdom of Mercia was flood prone, quite isolated, yet with plenty of scope for fishing and fowling, making a perfect location for a monastic centre.


What was not taken down or pillaged following the dissolution, was further violated by Oliver Cromwell and his forces in the 1640s during the so-called English Civil War.

DSC_0006 (1)


Since then, the graves of the succeeding generations have filled the spaces around the ruins.


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Haiku: Foundations

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On firm foundations
I have to build my abode
All else is absurd

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Paintings: The Norfolk Coast, England

cley1 - Edited

Cley, North Norfolk


Here is a ‘blast from the past’, some of my many oil paintings on the subject of Norfolk and its beaches. The one above is of the beach huts at Wells.

Below is an interpretation of the beach at Heacham, near King’s Lynn.

unnamed-4 (2) - Edited

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