Fun facts most people don’t know about Halloween — Creabealounge (Reblog)

Halloween is the only day of the year that makes me happy to look forward to. I get to dress up, I get to look horrifying and it’s time for pumpkins! It’s after all the typical celebration of all things that are considered ‘spooky.’ Some traditions are trick-or-treating or pumpkin carving (which is really fun […]

Fun facts most people don’t know about Halloween — Creabealounge


Astrology & Health: Scorpio

In western astrology, Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac, or ‘star sign’. It is classified as fixed water, though just how fixed water can be is anyone’s guess, unless one imagines a powerful channel, torrent, or waterfall. It is often described as the sign of ‘sex, death and regeneration’.

Traditionally the sign is ruled by Mars in its ‘darker’, more concentrated aspect. Since the discovery of Pluto in 1930, many astrologers believe that the outermost known planet, so termed, has superseded the rulership of the sign; I used to accept this too, but I have returned to a more traditionally based astrology lately.

All Hallows’ Day, Winters’ Beginning

Of course, this is also the time of year for Halloween and, more traditionally, Samhain, the ancient pagan festival celebrating the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. November 1 is All Saints’, or All Hallows’ Day in Christianity. The sun has begun moving southward with Libra; now it begins to plunge into the depths towards darkness, at least from the perspective of those of us living north of the equator, where the daylight hours recede rapidly.

There is a polarity with this, Samhain in Scorpio exactly opposing the spring festival Beltane on May 1, in the sign of Taurus.

Sex Organs — And the Throat

In fact polarity is a key feature of astrology and bears heavily upon health. Taurus is the opposing sign of Scorpio, the former ruling the neck and throat. Scorpio traditionally rules the sexual organs, and it is interesting to note that when a male reaches puberty, the voice too assumes its more manly, deeper sound; think of all the choir boys whose careers end at this point!

As Taurus rules self security, Scorpio rules security in relation to others — hence the deeper, more secretive aspects of this much maligned sign, which ultimately needs to engage with ‘the other’ for its own security. This is why the sign is associated with sex and secrecy. It is often also said that Scorpio creates the greatest saints — but also the worst sinners. Maybe this is why the sign’s glyph is the scorpion, with the famous sting in the tail.

The Number 8 — and Weak Points

Numerologists out there would already be nodding their heads at Scorpio being the 8th sign, 8 being the sign of infinity, relating to the sign’s deep, penetrative and fundamental life and death associations, which are ultimately a mystery.

So as Scorpio rules the generative organs, they are often considered a ‘weak point’ in the strongly Scorpio type. Equally, there can be issues with the throat too, through Taurus. Fixed signs like Scorpio are often also more susceptible to arthritis and rheumatism.

However, being ruled by powerful Mars, the strongly Scorpio type is usually very robust and resistant to diseases.

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*Health, weight loss and fitness are interlinked.

Haiku: ‘Intimacy’

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Closer than we know
Describing our true nature
Contemplate the stars

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku: ‘Change in the Season’

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Changing atmosphere
Brisker more meaningful walks
Death begets new life

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A consumed moon’s meagre light;
I pause, mourning this grey life.
Let me look at you —
ear lobes like pearls from tissue,
the emollient pallor of your royal flesh.
My finger probes your lips
as an owl hoots its presence:
I imagine your soul,
the skulls of saints

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

dVerse Poetics: The charms of Samuel Greenberg

the top 10 ROAD TRIPS IN THE U.S. — Delusional Bubble (Reblog)

The United States is an amazing country to explore, especially if you are a road trip lover. This country has countless beauties peppered from East to West. In this post, we’ll introduce the top 10 road trips in the U.S. Florida Keys Scenic Highway, FL Known as the “Road to Paradise”, this 110 miles long […]

the top 10 ROAD TRIPS IN THE U.S. — Delusional Bubble

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An Ultimate Vegan Dish — (Reblog)

It can be an ultimate vegan dish, without the shrimp paste. It’s a favorite dish in Bicol, a daily staple in most households being a very much affordable dish. Try our spicy and creamy Laing – dried shredded taro leaves in coconut milk!

An Ultimate Vegan Dish —

*A vegan diet can help with weight loss.

Haiku: ‘Abundance’

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So we are mere dust
And to dust we all return
Contemplate the weeds

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*See this week’s theme: Dust & Weed. “Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 328 DUST & Weed”

Haiku: ‘Feeling Feline’

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Once young and alert
Outside, where you loved to be
Now inside with me

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Top 10 Best European Cities to Visit this year — Delusional Bubble (Reblog)

Europe is a peaceful, beautiful continent with countless beautiful cities to visit! The green continent is full of amazing places. If you’re looking for the best European cities to add to your bucket list, keep reading as in this post, we’ll talk about the top 10 best European cities to visit this year. More than […]

Top 10 Best European Cities to Visit this year — Delusional Bubble

*A guide to Europe — but when will be freer to travel?

Haiku: ‘Letting Go’

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Water through my hands
Fresh running streams of my heart
I am letting go

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