Astrology Today: A Happy Friday?

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The Moon in Aquarius trines Venus in Gemini beautifully early today. Anything to do with home and family is likely to be easier, more pleasurable, and this also favours light romance. There even might be more positive news in the media this morning.

This would also greatly encourage any social setting, bringing an air of enjoyment. Artistic endeavours should also be favoured.

Later the Moon makes a positive sextile aspect with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which will add to the positive, opportunistic, good vibe feel, especially at home, but also in general. Good time to talk about travel, holidays, pushing that boat out.

Well, it is Friday, after all.

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Haiku: Sun

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I won’t worship you,
don’t know who or what you are
Please keep spinning round

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Haiku: Homeland Security


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She is my homeland
Though there is much to dislike
My roots are still here

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Astrology Today: Moon into Aquarius

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With the Moon moving into the fixed air sign of Aquarius for the next two days, there will likely be more focus on political, parliamentary, governmental and legislative areas worldwide.

When the Moon makes a difficult aspect to Uranus in Taurus later, we might see some sudden, perhaps unwelcome financial or business news, which will affect the public.

Watch out too for the unusual and some interesting scientific news or breakthrough over the next couple of days.

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Haiku: All is Nothing

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all is silence and nothing
Then something begins

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Astrology Musings: Jupiter, time for re-appraisal?

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As we are rapidly approaching the Summer Solstice and the Sun’s entry into Cancer, I wanted to contemplate Jupiter and his traditional exaltation in the Cardinal Water sign.

For some time, I have thought that not enough is made of Jupiter, astrologically speaking. Here he is, the so-called Greater Benefic, but astrologers seem to spend so much time (myself included) hand wringing about Saturn, the ‘outer planets’, the minor planets, asteroids and comets, anything it seems except poor old neglected Jupiter.

Psychological angst

It’s as if anything that is potentially ‘good’ can’t be worth examining closely, nor would it make a ‘good’ subject for a book or an article.

The emergence of so-called psychological (and Sun sign) astrology is probably the reason for this, over the last 70 years or so.

Have we become so obsessed with pain and misfortune as life’s necessary harbingers of psychological growth, that we forget to enjoy ourselves? What ever happened to accentuating the positive?

Time for a Reappraisal

So what is Jupiter? The largest planet, we are told. He spends around a year in each sign, part of his 12 year cycle around the zodiac. He is, traditionally, associated with opportunity, expansion, good fortune, optimism, joviality, but also an overblown wastefulness and ‘devil-may-care’ attitude in difficult aspect.

When I think of Jupiter, I can hear the composer Gustav Holst’s wonderful take on the big planet, the happy, strident, jovial musical themes, the touch of patriotism, and the ocean of opportunity and expansion – all linking to Sagittarius, Pisces, and his exaltation in Cancer (patriotism).

The Greater Benefic

So why is Jupiter exalted in Cancer? Well, it was considered that his benefic qualities were best shown through caring, protective and nurturing ways. Not a bad thing.

However, as the Greater Benefic, surely he is potentially good in any sign? What about Jupiter in Aquarius, for example. If Aquarius stands for humanitarian ideals, with which it is often associated, then a well aspected Jupiter in Aquarius should be mighty fine, you would think. That sounds pretty exalted too and doubtless there are examples of prominent humanitarians who have had such a Jupiter position.

Of course, if Jupiter is challenged through aspect, one might expect to see some rather less positive tendencies.

Out of control

I once knew someone who had Jupiter rising in Gemini in difficult aspect to Mars. Though very generous and fun to be with, when he wasn’t talking or boasting or gambling, he was drinking. His life was indeed a mess, his birth chart had few ‘grounding’ indications, like, yes, a prominent Saturn perhaps or several planets in earth, for example.

Right now Jupiter’s in his own sign of The Archer (retrograde), so he ought to be overall benefiting long distance travel, philosophy, growth in general, depending on where he might be transiting in individual charts, though Jupiter in Sagittarius really ought to create an overall sense of optimism. Are we feeling it?

The Good News

However, with Saturn and Pluto conspiring together in Capricorn and Uranus threatening to turn a few things over in Taurus, it’s very easy to forget the good things.

I have often thought over many years that we do not make enough of Jupiter. Perhaps we should have ‘good news’ astrology, with a concentration on Jupiter and Venus? Only joking.

And there’s one word that isn’t used enough in regard to Jupiter: Opportunity.

See Blue Sky

When Jupiter does not bring good fortune to us when we might be expecting it, perhaps we are missing the boat. Jupiter can represent blue sky thinking – but you have to do more than think, you have to act and get out there into it. Go for it.

Opportunity is what it is, but you must act upon it and not wait passively.

So here’s to Jupiter, the old king of the gods, our jovial friend. Cheers and good health and good fortune to us all.

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Astrology Today: Moon conjunct Pluto

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Today the Moon is in Capricorn and conjoining Saturn (am) and Pluto (midday), opposing Mercury in Cancer.

Probably another intense political day, with a focus on business, media, communication, public interests in general with lots of problems, deception, intrigue, secrets perhaps revealed and passion vented. Cold business justification as opposed to vocal patriotic stance. Yes, Brexit.

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