Astrology Today: Reflect, Dream… Put it into words.

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The Moon in Pisces today makes it a perfect time for reflection and introspection, especially as she has just conjoined retrograde Neptune. Imaginative and artistic pursuits favoured.

However, the Moon also makes beneficial trine aspects to Mars and Mercury in Cancer later, heightening emotional energies and expression verbally and through all communicative means. A good day for creative writing about the home and family, for example.

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Haiku: Peace


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Peace is an absence
Inaction is best enjoyed
A smile in silence

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Haiku: Moon Mystery

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You’re a mystery
I only see half of you
But I’ve left footprints…

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Haiku: Foundations

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On firm foundations
I have to build my abode
All else is absurd

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Haiku: Sun

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I won’t worship you,
don’t know who or what you are
Please keep spinning round

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Haiku: Homeland Security


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She is my homeland
Though there is much to dislike
My roots are still here

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Haiku: All is Nothing

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all is silence and nothing
Then something begins

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