January 14, 1524 — Today’s Luther (Reblog)

Martin Luther writes to George Spalatin in Nuremberg, [1] reminding him of Luther’s request for Spalatin to write some hymns in German and sending some other news. Quotation: Master George Spalatin, court evangelist, my dearest friend in the Lord: Grace and peace! I have no news to write you, my dear Spalatin, except that I […]

January 14, 1524 — Today’s Luther

London, England, UK; January 14, 2000 — UFO Network (Reblog)

Date of Sighting: 14-Jan-00 Location of Sighting: London Brief Description of sighting: A floating object, sitting in front of a cloud formation. Flat and reflecting the sunlight.

London, England, UK; January 14, 2000 — UFO Network

Thought for the Day – 13 January – The Grace of God — AnaStpaul (Reblog)

Thought for the Day – 13 January – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971) The Grace of God “It is astonishing to consider how much St Paul accomplished when he had been transformed by the grace of God.Formerly, a persecutor of Christians, he became the Apostle of the Gentiles.Enlightened by faith and inspired by charity, […]

Thought for the Day – 13 January – The Grace of God — AnaStpaul

30 Blog Post Ideas & Calendars | January — Elaine Howlin (Reblog)

I’m definitely a planner when it comes to my content. One of the things I like to do each month is look up what events are coming up and mark them on a calendar along with my ideas and keep it over my desk. This way I always have something to write about and I […]

30 Blog Post Ideas & Calendars | January — Elaine Howlin

2021, January 13: Evening Planets — When the Curves Line Up (Reblog)

January 13, 2021: Mercury and Venus can be found in the west-southwest during bright evening twilight. Mars is higher in the sky when the sky is darker. It is nearing the planet Uranus.

2021, January 13: Evening Planets — When the Curves Line Up


Such beautiful words

Little Things

stop listening to a sad melody.
quit wandering in deep melancholy.
when almost everything is said and done,
try to move forward because you can.

at times, every sorrow tends to pile up
heartbreaks, heartaches, like boulders they drop
these are all hardships to be human
please cry it out because you can

stop living in a world of regrets.
face the fears and painful secrets.
hurt yourself with truth, don’t run.
embrace your flaws because you can.

the world is radiant, merry, and sunny.
just change your mindset, and you will see.
when you are left with none and no one,
try to be sanguine because you can.

hindrances are always present.
a quest for greatness is not always pleasant.
giving up is never part of the plan.
flash a smile because you can.

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“ If you wish to understand the Universe  think of energy, frequency and vibration.“ – NICOLA TESLA {VIDEO STARTS AT 1.44 – TOTALLY WORTH TO WATCH ;-)} “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”  ― Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness THINGFINDER PLAYLIST STAY INSPIRED