Charity Book Shops… Worth Taking A Look?

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‘Left Luggage’ A New Ebook on Amazon

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Milly Reynolds’ September Reads

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Milly Reynolds’ New Ebook Due Out Shortly — ‘Left Luggage’

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September Kindle ebook Haul — by Milly Reynolds

*Some Milly Reynolds’ books.

‘The Warehouse’ by Rob Hart — Book Review by Milly Reynolds

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Book Review – The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner

*Milly’s not quite sure about this book, ‘The Mars Room’.

September Book Haul with Milly Reynolds

*Milly Reynolds waxes lyrical about her minimal September book haul.

‘Have A Heart’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery

This is book number 13 in the Mike Malone Murder Mystery ebook series.

It is time for the annual Pumpkin Parade and Detective Inspector Mike Malone wants nothing more than to enjoy the fruits of the season with his family.

However, when one of the town’s residents starts receiving unwanted and sinister gifts from a stalker, all thoughts of autumnal fun are put to one side.

Together with his trusted Detective Sergeant, Alan Shepherd, Mike finds that very quickly, he has more murders on his plate than slices of pie.

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Mike Malone Murder Mystery Series – ‘Strawberries and Sheep’

This is the ninth in the Mike Malone mystery series of affordable ebooks, where quirky plots and humour go hand in hand.

With DI Mike Malone’s wedding only two weeks away, the last thing he needs are a series of unexplained murders.

However, when two women also disappear, then Mike finds that not only is his wedding at risk, but his own happiness.

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‘And Then She Was Bad’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery

When the naked body of a young man is found in a local beauty spot, Detective Inspector Mike Malone has two problems.

Firstly to find the young man’s identity and secondly to find out who murdered him. However, things are never simple and when Mike also discovers that one of his own is in trouble, he realises that an old adversary is once again playing him for a fool.

With Detective Alan Shepherd at his side, Mike follows the twists and turns of both cases, finding along the way that sometimes love and sex can be two sides of a very twisted coin.

This seventh novel in the series is once again a quirky trip into the town that Mike Malone has made his own and familiar faces pop up to make their voices heard.

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