Royal Leo – The Centre of Attention

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Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, its ruler is the sun. Leo cannot help but be regal and is therefore associated with royal families, royalty in general, as well as celebrity.

With the sun being ruler of Leo, this sign likes to shine, be the centre of attention just like the sun itself.

But if you think Leo is at all overbearing, just remember how generous he or she can be too. After all, Leo is the sign of ‘love, luck and life’. It’s about experience, enjoyment, taking part. Sport! And the fun of children.

Most especially Leo loves to enjoy – and we could all do with enjoyment right now.

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It’s Royal… Baby!

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When a new Royal baby arrives in to the world, there is always a flurry of excitement, even amongst the astrological community.

I will follow this up tomorrow with a more in-depth, though light hearted piece, but my initial thoughts on the baby’s birthchart are that here is an individual who will embody both tradition and radical change.