Tarot Today: Tuesday February 15

Have faith, all will be well; money and finance matters important but in the background; significant news of legal and diplomatic matters. Copyright Francis 2022

Tarot Reading – Week Beginning Monday January 17: Accentuating the Feminine

Covertly: The Star is number 17 of the Major Arcana, which reduces down to number 8, reflecting the number of stars in the card. Behind the scenes of the present situation, many good things are happening. Despite what we may think, these achievements result from many different considerations, but all ultimately for the benefit of humanity. The light of the sun, and the stars, does indeed shine upon us all.

What Does 2022 Hold – A Much Better Year? Tarot Luminary Spread

Card 4 at the top is the Mercury card, representing our minds, siblings, local environment, travel and the media. The Queen of Wands here, which I correspond to Sagittarius, suggests to me that the restrictions that have been put on us in regard to travel and associations with those around us will certainly lift through this year. This card is more of free spirit and highly positive. We should also see big changes in the way the news media works.