Tarot Reading for the World – January 8: Changes afoot

A theme I have been getting a lot of recently; changes afoot, some of which may be drastic; endings and new beginnings, the latter changes in regard to travel, communication and media usually being obscured.

That said, today is also a good time to cross the Ts and dot the Is in any practical work, to ease the process of change which is definitely occurring despite most appearances. This is important work and a sure sign of progress as the 7 of coins indicates. Any detailed work in regard to health and efficiency should go well.

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Tarot World, November 17 2021: A Significant Day?

Middle card, overt situation:

A split in the narrative, alternatives.

Left card, covert situation:

Certain issues redeemed, though we may not see it at first.

Right card, outcome:

Significant movement and reversals.

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