D H Lawrence – Astrology Musings on Sex, Death and Regeneration

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Few writers and poets have made such an impact as D H Lawrence has over the last century.

Works like ‘Sons and Lovers’ and ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ are groundbreaking in their intimate portrayal and insights in to love, relationships and sex.

His descriptions of nature also, are a revelation to me, as are his feelings on the alienating qualities of industrialisation.

An intense personality

Let’s begin with the basics. According to the birth time given, he has Scorpio rising, perhaps befitting someone who approached life with such a deep and penetrating intensity.

His ruler, Mars, is in emotional and caring Cancer in house 9 of the higher mind and travel. His Mars is also sextile Neptune in house 7, showing an innate sensitivity in relationships.

Spiritual attachment to the feminine

This is underscored by his Moon conjunct Venus in Libra in house 12. Here is the deep, spiritual attachment in relationships, perhaps particularly with women and the mother, which we see written about so beautifully in ‘Sons and Lovers’ and elsewhere.

Here too, probably, is the love of nature, felt so intimately. Just as significant, Venus is also the ruler of house 7 of relationships.

Lawrence had the Sun in Virgo in house 11 conjunct Jupiter. Here is an analytical, critical individual, who is at the same time generous in his service to others and his friends. He stands a very good chance of success in his objectives. As the Sun is the ruler of house 10 and his MC, this also applies to his career, where he made a large impact while he was alive.

An analytical mind

Of course, as with any writer, we need to take a close look at his Mercury, Jupiter and houses 3 and 9.

Mercury is in Virgo, giving him a finely tuned, painstaking mentality, supported by a loose but beneficial aspect to Saturn in house 9, which will increase the capacity for hard work. Saturn is the ruler of house 3 also, and the Moon rules house 9.

Sex, death and regeneration

Most interestingly, his Mercury is closely square Pluto in Gemini in house 8. Although a challenging aspect, this symbolises his fascination with the fundamentals of life – sex, death and regeneration (8th house and Pluto associations), which comes up so often and so graphically in his work. It also relates to the ensuing controversy he created, by writing about such issues, which had hitherto mostly been taboo.

The Moon as we saw above, is beautifully conjunct Venus in Libra in house 12 and it’s interesting to note that he spent much of his later life abroad (house 9), from which he gained so many benefits.

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