Today’s Tarot, Friday 12.11.21

I drew a three card spread for today, Friday November 12.

Card 1 in the centre is the overt energy, card 2 on the left is the covert situation, and card 3 on the right is the resolution or outcome. If you like, these cards represent the Sun, Moon and Saturn. For this spread I used the AGM 1JJ Swiss Tarot (TDM).

Card 1 is the Empress, indicating that today’s energy is feminine, quite fitting for a Friday. Here I see the Empress as an benign authority, understanding, trustful, yet firm when need be, a just arbiter. The Empress is number 3 in the major arcana and is therefore also quite creative when solutions are needed.

Card 2 is the Lovers, number 6 in the MA. It would seem that much can solved quietly today, a good day to spend with that special person and have the night in. In the background, there is a sense of relief, of coming through a problem, a feeling that fences can and are being mended.

Card 3 is the Page of Wands. Today is also a good day to start something new, to reach out and go that extra mile in good faith. There could be good news in regard to spiritual issues.

Overall today feels more positive, therefore. Trust and understanding will go a long way, as long as we don’t bend the rules too much.

Copyright Francis 2021


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