Beginnings of Millennium Wood, Pinchbeck

© Copyright Francis Barker. Mixed media. About 505 x 405mm

I have been a member of the Woodland Trust for many years and so was very pleased that they planted a wood within half a mile of my house.

This mixed media painting was completed using sketches I made in July 2001. They had been lying about for ages until I came across them this year. Needless to say, due to the maturity of the wood, this view does not exist anymore!

Fen Edge, near Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

©copyright Francis Barker










Here’s one of the lastest efforts, in mixed media, mainly acrylic with a little oil here and there. If you would like to buy it, please contact me on

Wells Next The Sea, Morning Colour

Image ©Copyright Francis Barker

The North Norfolk coast is one of my favourite subjects, as it is for many artists, both now and in the past. The harbour at Wells is a particular favourite, especially early morning, or late at night. Misty conditions are equally atmospheric.

This painting has been completed in acrylic on stretched canvas, about 605 x 455 mm. If you are interested in buying the painting, please contact me on

Acrylic Difficult to Master

I am basically a painter in oil but, perhaps ironically, the more ‘serious’ painting I have done recently have been in acrylic.
This may have been something to do with the scale, larger canvases. I find it easier to cover larger areas with watered down acrylic.
There is also something about the immediacy of acrylic. You have to work fast, so maybe this makes me worry less about detail and look at overall effect.

Giacometti meets Gandhara

Two paintings I’ve had on the go for some time, having made various changes. Well, here are the latest efforts (see Current Original Art). The first, Edel Blau, or Noble Blue, is in mixed media but essentially acrylic. I have created some interesting textures with the use of paper and fabric around the edges. Who is the subject? Well, that would be telling.
The second is of a Buddha’s head in acrylic, based on the Gandharan artistic tradition of Western India from about two thousand years ago. This was a melding of Indian and Greek art as a result of Alexander The Great’s eastern conquests and the spreading of Buddhist philosophy East. I am not sure where I got the idea of the orange cells. Are they honey cells, perhaps? I don’t know.