Are We Living In The ‘End Times’? What does the Tarot say?

The 10 of Cups suggests that we are at least at some major hiatus point, both spiritually and emotionally. Reset may be too strong a word, and resets can be good or bad… I pray it is a ‘good’ one, naturally. The word Apocalypse, despite its dire reputation, literally means revelation, showing the truth – and don’t we need that?

The 8 of Swords in the background suggests to me that there is some major achievement in the realms of the mind and media which we are just not getting – yet. As to the nature of this, I am not sure, but it may involve new forms of communication which can be trusted and be more stable for humanity as a whole. This card, for me, represents the second decanate of Gemini, ruled by Venus, hinting at a generally positive development which can aid and secure all our interactions.

The Magician in the outcome position indicates that our future can be self-determined and that we can make a positive fresh start, perhaps even literally manifest heaven upon this earth, in time. We, as individuals, neighbourhoods, regions and nations, will have the ability to manifest what we need through our will power, to make changes in our lives, so long as we have the right motivation to do good for the whole, as well as for ourselves and our families. Well, let’s make it so.

Copyright Francis 2021

Poem: A Revelation

person holding bible with cross
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One day, it may be right now
I will read Revelation again

What’s that? You don’t understand?
You say it’s mumbo-jumbo

that no one truly believes it
Well I’m not saying I do

I am a seeker, restless
I want to know the facts

and if John’s words lead me closer
to some truth

then so be it and I will pause
stop, digest it

however unpalatable
because I need to be prepared

Don’t let me be the one who says
I told you so

copyright Francis Barker 2019