Haiku: It’s Time

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Who you are, really
What we are all becoming –
For the time is now

Copyright Francis 2022

Thought for the Day – 18 February – The Hour of Trial — AnaStpaul (Reblog)

Thought for the Day – 18 February – A Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971) The Hour of Trial “Everybody, even a Saint, has his hour of trial.God wants it this way. so that if we are victorious with the help of His grace, we can receive our reward.“One who enters a contest is not […]

Thought for the Day – 18 February – The Hour of Trial — AnaStpaul

I Believe (for Advent)

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As the song relates
in my happy-ever-after moments:
I believed in the Israelite.

What a circuitous, tortuous route
this mind has been dragged through,
chained to the runaway horse

called magic, or deception,
along with most of the world,
sore and buffeted

through cyclone and fire,
the machinations of men.
I take on board

the doubts and conjecture —
did such and such ever exist;
yet I have studied the shroud

and the napkin of truth — to me
science and the Spirit are one.
So this year as Advent moves

relentlessly on to that crystallization,
when Sol’s southern tropic is reached,
with the death of the sun,

the incarnation of the Son
and the Word,
switching northward towards Light and hope,

I feel my soul and sinews ignite.
This time, more than any other time,
I believe in the Israelite.

Copyright Francis 2020

earthweal weekly challenge — advent

Astrology Has an Interesting History — Class Warfare Blog (Reblog)

Astrology goes way back so I assume it has a pre-history (going back 6000+ years or so) but there is little we can learn about such beliefs before there were written records of what they were. In any case we can learn two things from this long-standing belief. For one, people looked up and studied […]

Astrology Has an Interesting History — Class Warfare Blog

Haibun: God is Within

Photo by franpics from Pexels

The 60s came and they declared You dead.
For a time many might have believed it.
But events transpiring ever since
have only convinced me that You are —
and always will be —
that still small voice inside.

Peace and love have gone
Division has gone viral
So I turn to You

copyright Francis Barker 2020