Notes #617 (Reblog)

Notes #617

Thought for the Day – 23 December – What Jesus Wants From Us — AnaStpaul (Reblog)

Thought for the Day – 23 December – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971) What Jesus Wants From Us “Let us contemplate Jesus lying on a rough pallet of straw in the manger.When we see Him looking at us, let us ask ourselves what it is that He requires of us.In fact, He wants many […]

Thought for the Day – 23 December – What Jesus Wants From Us — AnaStpaul


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Alone —
this solitude pounds deafeningly
between my ears.
After the forgotten slap
inducing that first
sharp intake of air,
to my first memory
of a Dresden widow beaming down
into the four walls of my pram,
just what kind of oblivion did I inhabit;
how does it differ from the misery
gripping me now?

In this realm it is the sentence
of every soul to be alone,
even as flesh touches flesh,
reaching the heights of ecstasy
of mortal love.
Soon it is over
and the wails return,
cursing the passion which ensnared
this fractal of spirit
in a world of its own.

Copyright Francis 2020

I Believe (for Advent)

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As the song relates
in my happy-ever-after moments:
I believed in the Israelite.

What a circuitous, tortuous route
this mind has been dragged through,
chained to the runaway horse

called magic, or deception,
along with most of the world,
sore and buffeted

through cyclone and fire,
the machinations of men.
I take on board

the doubts and conjecture —
did such and such ever exist;
yet I have studied the shroud

and the napkin of truth — to me
science and the Spirit are one.
So this year as Advent moves

relentlessly on to that crystallization,
when Sol’s southern tropic is reached,
with the death of the sun,

the incarnation of the Son
and the Word,
switching northward towards Light and hope,

I feel my soul and sinews ignite.
This time, more than any other time,
I believe in the Israelite.

Copyright Francis 2020

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