Haiku: Waiting for Spring!

Photo by Alina Lomilova on Pexels.com Spring -- nothing more couldreveal, the joy of a day.A blossom's fragrance Copyright Francis 2021

Poem ‘Doing the Work’

Doing the Work I thought of someone scrunching up pink paper tissues and sticking them randomly to scanty trees. I paused outside, beguiled by fresh horse chestnut leaves like little green squids, poised in the crossing sun When finally I sat down inside— sustained sounds in A all around the unravelling dark —I knew how … Continue reading Poem ‘Doing the Work’

Poem ‘Sandalwood’

  The first warm wind of spring whispered threats in his ear. Not even blossom bedecking knolls of the smoking temple embraced by those steepening hills could turn the colour of his mind. "I can't feel a part of this," he said. He watched her take a piece of bread and a cloud passed before … Continue reading Poem ‘Sandalwood’