Haiku: ‘Another Year’

food person happy smoke
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

What’s another year?
We make too much of birthdays –
says the ageing man

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku: ‘Striding Sun’

flight landscape nature sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Stride northward, O Sun
Fill our hearts with hope and light
A greater harvest

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Poem: ‘Take Heed’

photo of perched common blackbird
Photo by Jozef Fehér on Pexels.com

This morning I heard the blackbird’s song,
a sound of hope, that is spring on its way.
Now I listen to the sounds of nature,
look for significant shapes in the sky,
rather than heed the rumour and ruse,
shenanigans of the twisted minds of men

copyright Francis Barker 2020