The Sermon of the Apple Seed — The Wisdom of Our Grandmothers (Reblog)

Here is this week’s video on the Essentialist Astrology channel: Here is a link to the written text of this sutra: The Sermon of the Apple Seed

The Sermon of the Apple Seed — The Wisdom of Our Grandmothers

Visting A Buddhist Temple For The First Time — Passport Overused (Reblog)

It was my first day in Thailand and I had to see a Buddhist Temple. I couldn’t wait to rest up. My main reason for coming to Thailand was to experience the Buddhist culture. There was no time for no sleep. I was in a city of 33,902 active temples. I asked around and there…

Visting A Buddhist Temple For The First Time — Passport Overused

Haiku: Breathe

Photo by Mattia Faloretti

The figure of Buddha meditating is one of the most peaceful images of this world.

Haiku copyright Francis Barker 2020

Reincarnation, Time Tripping, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead: what’s astrology got to do with it? — cosmic holly (Reblog)

Gratitude for conversations that sustain the soul! In the Cosmic Connection podcast, astrologer Rick Levine talks to Amanda “Pua” Walsh of Astrology Hub about Saturn and Pluto and reincarnation and disincarnation and the nature of consciousness.

via Reincarnation, Time Tripping, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead: what’s astrology got to do with it? — cosmic holly

*** This is a fascinating piece about subjects which also intrigue me, astrology (I am an astrologer) and Buddhism (I used to be more deeply involved than I am now).

Haiku: Stilling the Mind

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

The truth lies within
Still minds see everything
It’s all in the breath

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haibun: Bodhisattva II

close up photo of lighted incense sticks
Photo by DE AR on

Tell me about your life,
the one hidden from view.
Odysseus has nothing on you,
your veiled celebrity
and inheritance of justice.

For all of our sakes
This is for humanity
Not every one

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haibun: Bodhisattva


I follow you,
my Buddha in the being,
born to fame and luxury,
subject to loss and tragedy.
You lead a life of example,
of peace and patience.

I judge you by what is done,
not by what you say,
though such few words
have meaning

Better a good man
Rather than one who is great
I can follow you

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Morning Haiku: Emptiness

blank frame above table
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All is emptiness
My conceptions make things real
A world deconstructs

copyright Francis Barker 2020


Poem ‘Molehill’


Scafell Pike was a few miles distant.
Not visible.
But this was England’s highest point.
“A molehill!” he said, while we sat
laughing at each other from our tatty
old sleeping bags.

You should have met my Swedish
friend, a cabinet maker
resident somewhere in Switzerland,
accustomed to real
mountains and the exuberant air.
We got on like the proverbial house,
cooling it down with his wit, my
natural reserve, but we had
Abba and Borg and now the Buddha
in common – what was there not to like?

“But who is this Borg?” he said.
“Didn’t you know? Back home we say ‘Bory’.”
Really? Well I thought that wouldn’t do, shocked
out of my anglo-centric world.
But I trusted my sudden blond friend,
this infectious alpine Swede.

“And watch out for the snails!” he said, leading
us to the huge white tent.
Yes, weren’t they lives, too? just
not with our potential
to love and to care – though how often do we choose?

“Maybe on a clear day?” I said, pausing
by the entrance, pointing towards
where Scafell Pike might be.
He laughed. “Not in a billion years!” he said,
with his arresting smile

© copyright David F. Barker 2012

Poem ‘Sandalwood’

Image via Wikipedia


The first warm wind of spring

whispered threats in his ear.

Not even blossom bedecking

knolls of the smoking temple

embraced by those steepening hills

could turn the colour of his mind.

“I can’t feel a part of this,” he said.

He watched her take a piece of bread

and a cloud passed before her eyes.

Neither his touch or choicest word

would have any effect

and no amount of wisdom exuding

from centuries of contemplation

could prevent him feeling alone.

Their minds would never mingle

like fresh sandalwood in mountain air.

All he saw was a set of blue irises,

statements of beauty

and perhaps an intent


poem © copyright df barker 2012

Giacometti meets Gandhara

Two paintings I’ve had on the go for some time, having made various changes. Well, here are the latest efforts (see Current Original Art). The first, Edel Blau, or Noble Blue, is in mixed media but essentially acrylic. I have created some interesting textures with the use of paper and fabric around the edges. Who is the subject? Well, that would be telling.
The second is of a Buddha’s head in acrylic, based on the Gandharan artistic tradition of Western India from about two thousand years ago. This was a melding of Indian and Greek art as a result of Alexander The Great’s eastern conquests and the spreading of Buddhist philosophy East. I am not sure where I got the idea of the orange cells. Are they honey cells, perhaps? I don’t know.