Blågårdsgade, Nørrebro — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)

The more I visit Nørrebro, the more it grows on me – the part of Nørrebro close to town is, in my opinion, the busiest and most interesting part of Copenhagen (at least for a young person like me). It reminds me a lot of the neighbourhood I used to live in Bristol in the […]

Blågårdsgade, Nørrebro — Life in Copenhagen

Summer in the city (3 Months in Denmark!) — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)

This summer has been one of tears, goodbyes, joy, light, and love. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster. Yesterday I cried because I talked to some of my friends back in the UK and I missed the life I had there and all the wonderful people I still know there. I cried because I don’t know […]

Summer in the city (3 Months in Denmark!) — Life in Copenhagen

*** I’ve been to Copenhagen (Denmark) a couple of times and enjoyed everything about it — except the price of beer! Great post.