The Ides of March – March 15 2022

Tarot cards used: 1JJ Swiss Tarot de Marseille. World tarot trends for March 15 2022, the Ides of March. A youth with a cup has something of substance to show; in the background there are hidden manifestations and machinations: a story has reached its pinnacle and close to a turning point. Copyright Terrence 2022

Tuesday 22.02.2022 What Does the Tarot Say?

The first card I drew was... the 2 of Wands, naturally. A split in the force, duality, power meetings and diplomatic negotiations, as one epoch ends and another begins... and not too soon. Copyright Francis 2022

World Tarot Today: Potential Big News Day, February 17 2022

An authoritative figure (and/or news story) appears to secure a situation with clear information. End of a cycle, and a significant overturning, partly concealed. Important news regarding justice and/or diplomacy. Copyright Francis 2022

Is The Pandemic Narrative Over? Tarot Reading

That said, there is a sense of taking the initiative and accepting freedom. Most especially, people's minds in general are about to likely flip, their attitudes changing fundamentally, once they realise the situation and start to tell everyone else and open up.

Tarot Reading: Will England Retain its Monarchy?

he three of wands is a generally positive reply. For me this card corresponds to the third decanate of Aries, ruled by Jupiter. I think the monarchy's future will come up for some debate rather soon, but not to remove it, at least I don't think so. The three of wands is quite expansive, forward thinking, even joyous, creative, so I think we could see a very different monarchy in the future, one that both harkens back to the past, spiritually, but also looks forward to new possibilities. This might mean a change of dynasty, or in the role of the monarch.

World Tarot Reading for Sunday January 9: Time to Begin Anew

Today is the day to begin something new, especially in regard to the way we think and communicate. It is also a good time to reestablish links with our local communities. In the background, however, as a backcloth to this, there is some upheaval, changes which may well be disruptive, though not necessarily seen in … Continue reading World Tarot Reading for Sunday January 9: Time to Begin Anew

Tarot Reading for the World – January 8: Changes afoot

That said, today is also a good time to cross the ts and dot the ideas to any practical work, to ease the process of change which is definitely occurring despite most appearances. This is important work and a sure sign of progress as the 7 of coins indicates. Any detailed work in regard to health and efficiency should go well.

Tarot Reading for Friday January 7

The old ways, the old stories, cannot stay forever. The ensuing unsettlement - and today's energy feels somewhat unsettled - is only part of the process. There are only so many fingers one can put in the dam before it breaks. But that deluge is not quite yet. We don't know when that might be.