Book Review # 205: Apeirogon — The Pine-Scented Chronicles (Reblog)

The Road to Unity and Peace In today’s world, it cannot be denied that chaos reigns everywhere. Peace has become just a concept, a battle cry but rarely has it been manifested. War, insurgency, armed conflicts, violence have become synonymous and ubiquitous. Its aftermath leaves scars, a trail of blood of the unsuspecting and of […]

Book Review # 205: Apeirogon — The Pine-Scented Chronicles

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Haibun: Blind

man and woman bind to each other
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The middle man confuses,
removes us from reality,
the nature of the enemy.
The chaos of this world
mimics the frenzy of our minds,
the history buried deep,
the forgotten glory of the past
which we cannot see.

What really happened
Annihilation more than once
Save us from this fate

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