The Dying and Rising Art of Motherhood — The Imaginative Conservative (Reblog)

Motherhood and any kind of public service or career are seen as a binary choice for many women. Many women have now agreed that “you can’t have it all” and have decided that the thing to sacrifice is the motherhood. 2,266 more wordsThe Dying and Rising Art of Motherhood — The Imaginative Conservative

Today’s Tarot: Difficult Choices

A day perhaps of ambivalence, where we are in two minds. Making the choice is the important thing but it won't be easy. A good day for reading and mental pursuits. Emotionally there is a need to make progress, to set the ball rolling in some important matter, to make changes, although this is unlikely … Continue reading Today’s Tarot: Difficult Choices

Haibun: It’s Up To You

The tension is palpable. We stand at the crossroads. It is clear which road we should take, yet ultimately it's our choice. Let's not pretend we don't know but don't let me be the one who said: "I told you so." Now at breaking point Desperate actors go rogue Pray deliverance copyright Francis Barker 2020