Haiku Poetry: ‘Universe’

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Universe means one
One word releasing all this
Bottle that meaning

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

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Lucky Leo!

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With the sun now in his own sign of Leo, we are entering high summer in these northern lands.

Leo is the sign of warmth, life, love, kids, sport, acting and self expression in general. The fact that the zodiac (or the ecliptic) is the apparent path of the sun through the sky, makes the sign of Leo, ruled by the same sun, seem rather special to me – and Leos know they are special. The kings and queens of the zodiac.

Leo is the fifth sign and also linked to the mundane fifth house in astrology. In numerology the number five is broadly similar to Leo’s optimistic traits of lust for life and experience.

Leo is the sign of creation of all kinds, just like the sun is the source of warmth and light. Leo is the sign of children, therefore, our most fundamental creations who continue our pursuit of life and love.

Leo is the positive, ‘masculine’ sign of fixed fire. Fire signs are ardent, powerful, creative, fixed signs are determined and stubborn – we can see that the symbol of the Lion is highly appropriate. So why else would the collective noun of lions be ‘pride’?

The sun is said to be dignified in his own sign of Leo. Proud Leo indeed.

Notable Leo individuals include interesting characters such as the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020


Haiku: Dimension

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Nothing makes everything
So nothing matters

copyright Francis Barker 2019