Haiku: ‘Frosted’

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

A treacherous path
Blinding darkness envelops
Winter’s dual clasp

Copyright Francis 2020

Life of Noir 2020

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I am tired of this life
of noir

the greyness of sealskin
pulled taught over my face

this indoor sterility staring
through smeared glass

So go on, batter me flat
O wind and rain

I’ll live out visceral dreams
before plagues of locusts

blot out this pretending sky

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Book Review # 210: Mexican Gothic — The Pine-Scented Chronicles (Reblog)

Horror in High House Mexican-born writer Silvia Moreno-Garcia is on the rise. Currently residing in Canada, Moreno-Garcia became a household name when her 2019 novel, Gods of Jade and Shadows became an instant bestseller. It earned several accolades and was even nominated for the 2019 Nebula Award Best Novel category and the 2019 Locus Award, […]

Book Review # 210: Mexican Gothic — The Pine-Scented Chronicles

*Find the book here.

Wheel of the Year: Samhain — About the Jez of It (Reblog)

31 Oct – 1 Nov Samhain, ‘Halloween,’ or All Hallows is a festival of death that occurs at the end of the Celtic agricultural cycle. It is also the Celtic New Year…

Wheel of the Year: Samhain — About the Jez of It

*Samhain festival and ‘Celtic’.

The Great Descent Towards Samhain — Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland (Reblog)

Enjoy the following audio file… A reading from my latest book, “Walking Between Worlds”… Link to the Bealtaine Cottage Bookstore: https://bealtainecottage.com/bealtaine-cottage-bookstore/ Bealtaine Cottage books are available only from this website. The days of long shadows are with us once more. Evening descends more quickly, as the light disappears into the western skies. We have passed […]

The Great Descent Towards Samhain — Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

*Samhain festival

Malefic Times — Bending Backward (Reblog)

From the 23rd to 26th, helio Mercury traverses the Uranus, Earth, and Mars conjunction that is t-squaring Ven and Ju/Sat/Pl. The geo Mer direct station on the USA election bodes poorly, in a sharp t-square to JSPL, ruling a moon afflicted by a Nep sq. Note Nep at Bendings, also. Ur-Sun and Ven-Mars oppositions too, […]

Malefic Times — Bending Backward


Photo by Rok Romih on Pexels.com

A consumed moon’s meagre light;
I pause, mourning this grey life.
Let me look at you —
ear lobes like pearls from tissue,
the emollient pallor of your royal flesh.
My finger probes your lips
as an owl hoots its presence:
I imagine your soul,
the skulls of saints

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

dVerse Poetics: The charms of Samuel Greenberg