Haiku: Beguiled

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

Some other Eden’s
low hanging fruit; I’m beguiled
by such shiny things

Copyright Francis 2022


‘Kissing The Devil’ Mike Malone Murder Mystery No.4


Most of us have had a lot more time on our hands this year, for obvious reasons. If you fancy some easy reading, why not try Milly Reynolds ebooks. They’re relatively short and inexpensive.

In this murder mystery, Kissing The Devil, Mike Malone has to solve a very odd crime. Who exactly is the White Devil and why is he paying night-time visits to the wives of the local farmers?

Mike and DS Alan Shepherd put it all down to high spirits but once blood is spilt in the farmyard, they realise that maybe the White Devil is trying to throw them off his real goal.

Meanwhile, the ghosts from Mike’s past are getting ever closer, putting the lives of everyone close to him at risk.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020