‘Twisted Gemini’ Detective Jack Sallt, by Milly Reynolds

In this third outing for DI Jack Sallt the stakes are raised.

Two children have been abducted on their way home from school. Their father, a man in the public eye, wants answers fast and Jack doesn’t have any.

All roads are going to nowhere. He doesn’t know who took the children and he doesn’t know why the children were taken. All that Jack Sallt knows is that it is up to him to find them, and find them alive.

Another story set in the beautiful North Norfolk landscape

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Heaven’s on Fire! Sun Trine Mars – Astrology

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The heavens are more positively charged this morning.

We may be approaching the New Moon in Leo but early today marks a positive boost from the trine (120 degree) aspect from the Sun and Mercury in fiery Leo to Mars in rampant Aries, both the Sun and Mars in their signs of dignity.

We should all have felt some kind of energy surge, but especially you Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini and Virgo types, a wish to enjoy and experience the summer holidays to the full to dispel that Monday morning feeling perhaps?

And with the Moon also just entering Leo, wherever you live, just get out and about and make the most of your day, or evening; socialise, entertain!

Didn’t feel anything different? Ah well.

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Astrology Musings: The Third House

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Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. Actually it’s fundamental, if you don’t have a base, there’s nothing to build on.

So as the sun is in Gemini at the moment, I thought I’d have a quick look at its mundane house equivalent, the third house.

Gemini is of course the first of the air signs, and is mutable or changeable in quality. It’s ruled by Mercury.

Big Subject

The third house, therefore, is to do with communication – but that’s a big subject, right?

Communication can cover all of this: speaking, writing, office work, learning, education, reporting, walking, riding a bike or motorcycle, driving a car, delivering, local business, visiting…

But it’s also to do with our nearest relations and neighbours; brothers, sisters, cousins etc. and our local community in general.

Phew! It covers quite a lot, which we perhaps might suspect with the airy and mutability associations.

An Example

So what might it mean in practical astrological terms?

One example from the past that I can recall was this lovely lady, sadly long gone now. She had the Sun in Libra conjunct Venus and Mercury in the third house.

I didn’t know her until she was well into her sixties, but she retained a youthful air; quite tall, fast walking and nimble, always smiling, courteous, never having a bad word to say about anyone.

And she could never do enough for her neighbours, simply visiting, chatting, getting groceries, perhaps driving them to the shops.

Embedded in the Community

She was a retired teacher, though still ran evening classes where she lived. She was a big organiser of local events, often for charity. And she had never married – she’d simply been too busy!

She had dedicated her life to the local school for thirty five years, then fully engaged with her community in other ways when she retired.

As you can see, that Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction in Libra, in the third house, pretty much encapsulates a large part of her life.

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Astrology musings: Gemini, is it all about duality?

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Gemini, ‘The Twins’, is the third sign of the zodiac, the first of the air sign triplicity and the first mutable sign.

The symbol or glyph of the sign appears to represent two columns, or perhaps the Roman number for 2, II.

Here we also see relation symbolised, the third mundane house of relations, the mind and local environment, also associated naturally with Gemini.

The glyph may simply represent duality; we have two hands, arms and lungs, all traditionally said to be ruled by Gemini.


And then there’s the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, the Ancient Greek Hermes, the fleet footed messenger of the gods in myth.

Here we see the essentially communicative nature of the sign. Gemini is of course very often a great talker, versatile, perhaps a ‘jack of all trades’ – but does that mean he or she is really a master of none?

What is more, we also find with Gemini the comic, the comedian, or at least the ready wit, and the mimic, the ability to act and play roles.

In other words, Gemini is capable of being dexterous mentality and physically, quite often both.

‘Bad Press’

Nevertheless, I don’t think Gemini deserves the ‘bad press’ for being a ‘bit shallow’. Except in more extreme cases, where the other mutable signs may also be involved, or a very prominent Mercury, I don’t think this is true.

We just have to understand the function the predominantly Geminian type person carries out. Just as Mercury is the messenger, Gemini’s can bind together the local community in which he lives. He or she can be the happy face who’s always available. That’s good, isn’t it.

He is often out and about, yes, probably doing a variety of things, tasks, jobs, often involving a variety of skills, but this is needed a lot of the time. He will see and know a lot of people and this is what community is all about, isn’t it?

We need Gemini. It’s not so much about duality but being of service. So don’t criticise the messenger too much.

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