Haiku: The Light

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Even unto the
end of the world – corruption
can’t obscure the light

Copyright Francis 2022

Poem: Ether

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Our Father lives in the charged ether,
above and all around us
in splendid symmetry,
the source of life and love and healing.
The fabulous towers, the spires
and flowering tracery of organic design,
were all conceived and built by better men than us
in an age of gold.
These, the natural avenues of life
in which our ancestors sat, goodness drawn down
into those cleansing naves
where the deep organ soothed,
where we took the true medicine, giving thanks,
not to some mystery or intangible presence,
but the reality of His environment, His conduit,
His soft conversation with us
which we have – nearly all of us –
forgotten, our memory blighted, expunged,
erased, while we plod obliviously
around the stark bare stones and ruined choirs
in awe of a shell, without ever seeing the whole,
the rich truth of the past
and future’s promise
in this penurious present.

Copyright Francis 2022

Lenten Preparation Novena to THE HOLY FACE of JESUS – Day Two – 21 February — AnaStpaul (Reblog)

Lenten PreparationNovena to the Holy FaceDAY TWO “All those who, attracted by My Love and venerating My Countenance, shall receive, by virtue of My Humanity, a brilliant and vivid impression of My Divinity. This splendour shall enlighten the depths of their souls, so that in eternal glory the celestial court shall marvel at the marked […]

Lenten Preparation Novena to THE HOLY FACE of JESUS – Day Two – 21 February — AnaStpaul

The Walls of Alatri – An Example of Ancient Worldwide Culture?

The so-called Cyclopedean walls of Alatri in Lazio, central Italy, are far from being the only example of stunning ancient polygonal walls.

In fact there are many other such demonstrations of an ancient, even prehistoric technology, not only in Italy but throughout the world, such as at Cusco in Peru, and at sites in Japan.

With an open mind, we have to ask ourselves how this was achieved? Ancient polygonal architecture, which resembles a jig-saw in stone, is mind boggling, for we could barely achieve such feats today, not merely the intricacy, but the logistical tasks of lifting and manipulating the larger blocks of neatly hewn stone.

And it isn’t just me who raises an eyebrow at the description of this architectural style as Cyclopedean. Cyclops (plural Cyclopes), as you may be aware, in Greek mythology were one eyed giants, the sons of Uranus (the sky) and Gaea (the earth).

Does this myth in fact enshrine a truth in allegory? Does this reflect the verse from the Old Testament in the Bible which describes the sons of God mating with female humans? If the sons of God were higher dimensional beings (sky) and mated with ancient humanity (earth), perhaps the result of such engagement was truly astonishing – giants and other exceptional unusual beings, perhaps some with only one eye, for example.

Such beings might not only be intelligent but also practical and powerful enough to lift such massive stones, with or without technology. According to the myth, the Cyclopes were originally blacksmiths.

With the numerous widespread examples of similar polygonal and massive megalithic architecture, we have to surely be open to at least the notion of a once ancient or prehistoric worldwide civilisation. The massive hewn stones at Baalbek in the Lebanon, are perhaps the most extreme example of the capabilities of this proposed culture.

Copyright Francis 2022

Thought for the Day – 8 February – Doing Everything for the Love of God — AnaStpaul (Reblog)

Thought for the Day – 8 February – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971) Doing Everythingfor the Love of God “In one of his letters, Luther wrote that he was so busy that he had no time to read his Breviary, nor to offer Holy Mass.There is no doubt that it was this estrangement from […]

Thought for the Day – 8 February – Doing Everything for the Love of God — AnaStpaul

Thought for the Day – 5 February – IDLENESS — AnaStpaul (Reblog)

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Thought for the Day – 5 February – IDLENESS — AnaStpaul