Change! But Be A Pioneer: Today is Full Moon, July 13 2022

The Sun and Moon are in good aspect to Uranus and the Moon's North Node in a Taurus 6th house. There is a karmic influence here and the possibility of sudden changes economically, financially and in the British nation's health and working practices, spurred on, it might seem, by the general public who are showing increasing signs of losing faith in the status quo. It is clearly time for change; yet the British, and all of us, should be mindful about what we wish for.

Jupiter into Pisces: Welcome Home – And Get Ready!

So what does the 'giant planet's' entry into the Fishes mean for us all? Well for Pisceans especially, it may finally feel like coming home, to a place where you can relax and breathe. Psychologically, we should all begin to feel a little happier; things should start to fall into place a little easier - and this may also be true for the world until May 11, when rapid Jupiter enters Aries until the end of October, auguring in a completely new phase for us all.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home This Year — Mind. Beauty. Simplicity (Reblog)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner . Some of you may treat this day as an annoyance while others see it as an excuse to spread love whether you are in a relationship or not. The last few years, my boyfriend & I have gotten dressed up & have gone out to some Italian […]Celebrate … Continue reading Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home This Year — Mind. Beauty. Simplicity (Reblog)

Poem: Homeless

The chilling chords reverberate around this cathedral space There are never any words yet always you deny my place my expression of love and peace and truth - to accuse me of the traits you exude in floods Yes I was foolish in my youth and you saw that as weakness Now there's no place … Continue reading Poem: Homeless

Poem ‘Barricades’

Barricades My home is a castle in need, because of who I am, for all that went before. Living close to a sea I rarely saw, I rode bikes, losing trees, clothes on the way, all scale of self to glimpse some grey ocean, a lone redshank wail from his muddy creek and rise into … Continue reading Poem ‘Barricades’

Poem ‘Rain’

Rain He was looking at the rivulets stuttering down the glass, ignoring the sodden cat on the windowsill and the puddles in the grass. Sitting down, I braced myself: He'd say it wouldn't do any harm. I suppose it was his way of seeing things when in the safe and warm. Never mind that spring … Continue reading Poem ‘Rain’

Poem ‘The Poppy Murders’

The Poppy Murders They have gone, all the poppies. Gone. Please, don't look at me like that, it was none of my doing and besides, there's too many seeds. You would have to sift the soil to find them all, believe me, and you know I'm not that patient. It's not that I hate them, … Continue reading Poem ‘The Poppy Murders’