John Florio — Uncontrolled Historian (Reblog)

For me & for a very long time, John Florio has been a major keystone in many areas of my research. I’ve always wanted Dame Frances Yates’ book about him but it keeps creeping put of my price range. I have several of Frances Yates books on this era. Her work on Giordano Bruno still […]

John Florio — Uncontrolled Historian

Eva Brann’s Dialogue — The Imaginative Conservative (Reblog)

Eva Brann’s contributions to the larger academic community are twofold: She gives her students, colleagues, and readers a sweeping variety of writings and offers herself as a model of one who never shies from thinking, discussing, and seeking knowledge; and she is a tireless defender of the educational practices at St. 3,432 more words

Eva Brann’s Dialogue — The Imaginative Conservative

Harmony – Quote + Haiku (011322) — Suzette B’s Blog (Reblog)

Image credit: 165106 / Pixabay “It’s important to live life with the experience, and therefore the knowledge, of its mystery and of your own mystery. This gives life a new radiance, a new harmony, a new splendor.” — Joseph Campbell **** Haiku inspired by the above quote: a great mystery harmony weighs experience smooth rocks balancing Written for Eugi’s […]

Harmony – Quote + Haiku (011322) — Suzette B’s Blog