Haiku: What’s Going On

photo of person reading
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

We don’t know the past
The future is uncertain
What’s going on now?

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku: Truth and Light

cutouts of letters
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Once the lies begin
They swell into a story
Truth grows toward light

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku: Who Are You?

silhouette image of person praying
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What if we are wrong?
All things we believe are false?
So then who am I?

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Poem: Homeless

sky clouds cloudy earth
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The chilling chords reverberate
around this cathedral space
There are never any words
yet always you deny my place
my expression of love and peace
and truth –
to accuse me of the traits you exude in floods
Yes I was foolish in my youth
and you saw that as weakness
Now there’s no place that I call home
though a nameless land remains
through which I roam

copyright Francis Barker 2019

Haiku: The Message

beach blur clouds dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I took for granted
that you would tell me the truth
I found it today

copyright Francis Barker 2019

Poem ‘Fugitive’


for so long you said nothing,
you let it all well-up inside.
It swelled like some geyser beneath you,
or some vast unstoppable tide

but clearly the choice was yours;
to sit quietly and safe in silence,
or face the dangers of disclosure.
what use was there in pretence?

so you told those cowards straight,
to carry on with ignominious lies,
because you knew the whole truth –
heck, you saw it with your own eyes!

so now you ride trains in the night,
mingle quietly in busy queues;
the world doesn’t want to see you
nor cares of the state of your shoes

and then one day, maybe quite soon,
you’ll vanish with barely a trace;
at least you knew your rabid enemy
defined the justice of your case

© copyright David F. Barker 2012