‘The Mermaid’ by Christina Henry – Book Review


The Myth of London Stone — Ghost Cities (Reblog)

London Stone has been a landmark for centuries. And where facts and science have failed to provide a definite history, myths have flourished. London’s Cannon Street is a frantic mêlée during the morning rush hour. As commuters hurry to work, few notice the small crypt, with a glass encasement within it, built into the wall […]The … Continue reading The Myth of London Stone — Ghost Cities (Reblog)

The Walls of Alatri – An Example of Ancient Worldwide Culture?

sons of God were higher dimensional beings (sky) and mated with ancient humanity (earth), perhaps the result of such engagement was truly astonishing - giants and other unusual beings, perhaps some with only one eye, for example.

Renaissance Science – XXIII — The Renaissance Mathematicus (Reblog)

Without doubt, one of the most eccentric and certainly one of the most controversial figures of the entire Early Modern period was the iconoclastic Swiss physician Theophrastus von Hohenheim (c. 1493–1541), more popularly known as Paracelsus. Trying to write about Paracelsus is complicated by the fact that he is the source of numerous myths and […]Renaissance … Continue reading Renaissance Science – XXIII — The Renaissance Mathematicus (Reblog)

Beware of Those Demons and Delusions! Partial Lunar Eclipse November 19 2021

upiter in Aquarius, the ruler of this chart set for London, creating a tense T-square in fixed signs. Jupiter’s expansive nature is only likely to exacerbate the sense of darkness and drama. There is likely to be a coming to a head of an existing problematic political and economic situation in the world as well as the UK. Hermit is holding his light to show the way, it is essential that we look and discern what is going on. Knowing the truth can be a lonely place in a world of deception.

Tree — A Poem

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com Tree,they say you'd have a story to tell;the things you must have seenunrecorded by Man,his story not being the same.But why should you tell me?If Odin was nailed to you for days and nights,his self imposed agony for insight and divination,then why should I find those runes among this … Continue reading Tree — A Poem

January 9 – The Feast of Janus — Dinosaurs and Barbarians (Reblog)

January is the month of Janus, the ancient Roman god of new beginnings and the patron god of windows and doors – yes, I’m serious. He is depicted as a man with a double face, able to look forwards and backwards at the same time. This symbolizes reflecting on the past and looking towards the […]January … Continue reading January 9 – The Feast of Janus — Dinosaurs and Barbarians (Reblog)

Armour of God

Photo by Maria Pop on Pexels.com Is it Mars, or Ares,this armour of God?Or maybe Wodennailed to the ashtree,reaching for runes falling to the ground?This present paradigm emasculates me, turning warriors in fugitives --truth into myth Copyright Francis 2020 VJ's Weekly Challenge #123 Warrior