Crime Fiction Author’s November Wrap Up

What You Imagine, You Create — Meditations in Motion (Reblog)

Photo by Ivan Babydov on “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” – Buddha We have been having a week of glorious Indian Summer. Golden sun-splashed days gently yield to balmy open-window nights this November. I sat on the deck one recent afternoon and listened to […]

What You Imagine, You Create — Meditations in Motion

‘Dallas In Queen’s English’

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on

Twenty Two
Sixty Three

I think I recall
the BBC globe
in black and white,
a spinning duality.

The program inter-
ruption in Queen’s English
like a lightning strike;
Mother’s tears,
Dad’s ambivalence —
“Your blubbering
as if you knew him!”

What youngster could
Yet somehow I knew
a bright star had fallen
that November day

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Poetics – Stoddard, Longfellow and Bryant say hello! (What does November mean to you?)

Home Blessing Ritual for Samhain Season — Tess Whitehurst (Reblog)

Cleanse, bless, and protect your home at Samhain season with this beautiful and fragrant ritual. As we approach Samhain (AKA Halloween), the veil thins. This is the veil between seen and unseen, known and unknown, living and dead. Naturally, this makes Samhain season a time of great magical power. As the Wheel of the Year […]

Home Blessing Ritual for Samhain Season — Tess Whitehurst

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