Haiku: Stuck Record

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitu0101ns on Pexels.com

One day I was left
out — the first day of fair May.
That record is stuck

Copyright Francis 2021

The man who printed the world of plants — The Renaissance Mathematicus (Reblog)

Abraham Ortelius (1527–1598) is justifiably famous for having produced the world’s first modern atlas, that is a bound, printed, uniform collection of maps, his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. Ortelius was a wealthy businessman and paid for the publication of his Theatrum out of his own pocket, but he was not a printer and had to employ […]

The man who printed the world of plants — The Renaissance Mathematicus

Chippewa Lake – Abandoned Since 1978 — Architectural Afterlife (Reblog)

Chippewa Lake Park is a former Medina County theme park, which operated for 100 years, from 1878 until 1978. Since the park’s closure, it has sat vacant. Early history Initially opened by Edward Andrews as Andrew’s Pleasure Grounds in 1875, the park offered a picnic ground and beach, a steamboat, and the park’s first roller…

Chippewa Lake – Abandoned Since 1978 — Architectural Afterlife

Poetry: ‘King Hobo’

Photo by Ian Beckley on Pexels.com

Narcissus can’t hold a candle
to me,
at once both King of Colorado —
entitled hobo of Nowhere.
Look there! That’s my face in the sky,
cacti and mesas my sole friends,
watching while I sift through the shards
of cultures few suspect.
Though none believe me now, riches
and the future are mine;
these silent silver craft
haunting me,
they’ll be all around you soon —
I am digging their past.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

The “Council of Ancestors” theory of Stonehenge. (Reblog)

Stonehenge was the epitome of a belief system that spanned millennia. To understand the monument we have to look at it through prehistoric eyes. (…

The “Council of Ancestors” theory of Stonehenge.

Ancestral — The Light is On (Reblog)

That dream came alive in snowcapped peaks flowing like a thousand whispered secrets, its laughter gently echoing off the slopes down into the valley…

Ancestral — The Light is On

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