T. S. Eliot, Born to Write – Astrology Musings


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I was astonished when I first saw T. S. Eliot’s birth chart, one of the leading modernist poets of the 20th century.

When he was born, the Sun, Mercury and Venus were all in his Libra first house along with Uranus. In fact, the Mercury Venus conjunction closely straddles the ascending degree.

A Lover of words

With all this activity in air, here is a natural thinker, communicator, writer, a lover of the beauty of language and literature, words in all their forms. Here too is natural charm and easy, and probably quite lengthy, conversation.

His Libran Sun forms easy trines to both Neptune and Pluto in Gemini in house 9 of the higher mind and a nice sextile to Jupiter in house 3. He clearly was a very deep thinker with an expansive mind, a lover of spiritual, hidden matters, of foreign culture and philosophy; he did go to great lengths to learn Sanskrit as an aid to his development as a poet and writer, always encouraged by his mentor, Ezra Pound.

Outside of the box

The Gemini Moon in house 9 is trine his first house Uranus. He is quick witted too, with an unusual manner and ability to think outside the box, a prerequisite for a modernist writer.

If we look to his third and ninth houses, indicators of his mental functions more fully, we see that Jupiter not only rules house 3 but is present in it along with Mars. He has a naturally open, well developed and forceful everyday mentality.

However, I also notice that Jupiter forms a close opposition to Neptune in house 9. This difficult aspect, though bringing a certain confusion, possibly between the everyday functioning as a writer and his passion for expansive thinking, was probably actually a spur to greater achievement in the end, being a source of imagination and inspiration, especially as it is part of the configuration with the Sun mentioned above.

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Haiku: The Hardest Thing

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Life is in the mind
I have to change what I think
Then all becomes clear

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Haiku: Life on a phone

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My life is my phone
I am nothing without one
Who was I before?

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Poem: Moon Landing Astrology

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High summer on the lawn,
laying back and looking up –
the Moon staring down at me,
firing this boy’s dreams.
Somewhere up there two men in a box,
another left circling around, unseen.

The year 69, I had no inkling then
of the Cancer glyph,
the crab and his claws as the Sun’s tropic
turns south.

A Saturn five had taken them,
pushing limits far beyond the jewel world,
while five is Leo, the Sun god Apollo,
who would return to earth in glory.
Eleven is Aquarius, the new age, some said,
and the Eagle is Scorpio, the Phoenix
who rises, fed on the ash of his own demise.

And on that very day,
as Jupiter and Uranus conjoined in the Balance,
the whole world turned on its head,
a revolution in the mind
encapsulating the cause.

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Haiku: Moon Dreaming

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John, I chose the Moon
I too dreamed of better things
Where have they all gone?

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Poem: What it’s all about

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Some say we breathe the same air as the great Alexander,
that we can visit the holy places Jesus once knew,

perhaps follow in His footsteps through Galilee,
or imagine the once famed glory of Macedon,

where Phillip would teach his young son to fight.
But we can never quite see, let alone touch these lost

worlds in our minds, they are always one step beyond
our senses, like those people and animals

who frequent our own lives, sharing joys and pains,
and then are gone, without ever being a part of us.

We are all the lost and lonely children
with only faith to fight the famine of our lives.

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Haiku: Heart

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The cold and cruel
outer world will always win
but not in our hearts

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