Haiku: Calling Card

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

The leaves have vanished

Winter’s left his calling card

The spirit renews

Copyright Francis 2021

White Hat

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

The lies you spin with laughter,

feeding me popcorn and hopium to fill my acquiescence.

Now you expect me to believe

I am watching a movie,

that I should drop everything to follow

your vacuous manifesto

stuffed with vapid statistics and your promises.

You can take off that white hat

and throw it in the dirt; many more after me

will gladly stamp on it in the mud.

And let me see the face, that plastic smile,

the burgeoning billions in your bank balance,

swollen to kingdom come which never came.

My time may be done, but in the end

who is going to save you?

Copyright Francis 2021


I have sought you since the cradle

Thought Iā€™d heard you in the reverb

Of loving feeling

I rejected you when scripture

Was forced upon me

Shouted at you for letting only

The good die young

I gave thanks to you

For giving me companionship

And someone to take my essence

Forward into drastic futures

Now at these stark crossroads

When it seems every way is to lose

I challenge you to answer

To reveal something of yourself

In the substance of my life

Beyond the glorious imagaginings

Of pliant artists and architects

Willing you into existence

To spare these soulless tyrants

Copyright Francis 2021


Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

I caught your bright eyes staring at me;
I was sorry to interrupt you plucking your kill.
Then instantly up and away
You were gone like an arrow, carcass in talons

Over low fences and hedges,
Between houses to some hidden place.
I admire your nobility, the efficiency
Of your skill, your craft.

And I understand your reticence
To share your life with mine,
Your instinct for isolation.

So go beautiful bird, take what you need
To survive, whilst I am entrapped, devoid of nature,
Simply scared to be alive

Copyright Francis 2021