Haiku: Power Melting

the clouds gathering
while baleful bells are tolling –
power is melting

Copyright Francis 2022


Tuesday 22.02.2022 What Does the Tarot Say?

The first card I drew was… the 2 of Wands, naturally.

A split in the force, duality, power meetings and diplomatic negotiations, as one epoch ends and another begins… and not too soon.

Copyright Francis 2022

World Tarot February 18 – Division and Resolution!

Sometimes temerity is called for, to have the moral fibre to accept that you are not going to see eye to eye with everyone and go your own way regardless.

Behind the scenes, however, we must remain confident that things are working out and difficulties are being overcome.

Ultimately, a show of force is often the best defence – and a way of earning the respect you deserve.

All 3 of these cards are forceful in some way. Two of Wands is the second decanate of Aries ruled by the Sun. The Six of Wands is the last decanate of Leo, ruled by Mars. And the Strength card I associate with Leo and the Sun.

Copyright Francis 2022