Viking Christmas — Bryn Donovan (Reblog)

How did the Norse Yule turn into a Viking Christmas celebration? In 940 to 961 AD, Haakon the Good was the king of Norway, and during his reign, the English court introduced him to Christianity. Haakon then tried to convert the rest of Norway. It must’ve been such an interesting time, with Viking Yule (or […]

Viking Christmas — Bryn Donovan

My last meal in Olso — Passport Overused (Reblog)

My time in Norway was ending. This beautiful country will leave a mark in my heart. Its sophisticated charm is what lead me to wish this was my home. However, that cold made me reconsider. Had a few more hours here, I needed to make the best of the little time left. A view of…

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*** Great post from a great site. Scandinavia should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially Norway.

Halmtorvet, Vesterbro — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)

I’m back with another Vesterbro post 🙂 This time I’ll share some images from Halmtorvet, which is adjacent to Istedgade. You’ll see below it’s got much more of a chill and relaxed atmosphere compared to Istedgade. It’s actually the first big street I walked on when I arrived in Copenhagen, thanks to its vicinity to […]

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Above the Arctic circle in Tromso, Norway — Passport Overused (Reblog)

So, I decided to push the envelope even more. Flew to Tromso from Oslo. It was about a two-hour flight. It costs about 90 dollars round trip at the time. Might be more expensive in the coming years. Luckily, there wasn’t any major snowstorm that day. Luck was on my side to visit this part…

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