Getting to Know You – What’s Your Sign? — Smorgasbord Blog Magazine (Reblog)

Originally posted on Jessica Bakkers: We start to get to know one another pretty well here in our little community. We share stories that come from the heart, putting our purest, deepest selves down on “paper”. But there are probably some basic things about each other that we?don’t?know – the sorts of things we’d probably…

Getting to Know You – What’s Your Sign? — Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

*Zodiac colouring book — would I find it relaxing?

Connection between Astrology & Numerology — Great Post by Manisha S

What is Astrology? Astrology is the study of planets, movements of these planets and their placement and influence on individual’s life. What is Numerology? Similar like Astrology, Numerology replaces signs with numbers. It is the study of numbers, their characteristics and their impact on individual’s life. Connection between Astrology and Numerology Astrologers make the birth […]

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Haiku: Times Are Changing

time for change sign with led light
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Major conjunctions
Pisces to Aquarius
Read signs of the times

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Haiku: Where are the Swifts?


The swifts are late this
year, the streaking sky forlorn;
signs to watch out for


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