Haiku: Ends

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com Silence and darknessFall asleep and lose my friends -watching the world end Copyright Francis 2022

‘The Silence’ — a poem

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com The gentle rush of rainbreaks the silence,soon joined by the cat lapping --unseen.Then both are gone;I watch the miles thick cloudparading overhead,dark autumn leviathansshunting in from the west. Yes, sometimes the silence gets to me,it isn't what I crave.A silent mind is creative, some say,then how is darkness a friend? … Continue reading ‘The Silence’ — a poem

Poem ‘Meditation’

Sometimes I hate you, I must avert my eyes. Other times I love you and I'm crazy, I can't leave you alone. Mostly though I'm indifferent, you're something there out of my window on any random day, like the sparrows who chat huddled side by side on their privet hedge. But whether you're friend, enemy … Continue reading Poem ‘Meditation’

Poem ‘Five Minutes’

Five Minutes It's only a pigeon's call, three short squawks repeated ad infinitum. I wonder why he has so much to say but this is his life: during the day he eats, at dusk he turns to sleep A car arrives— sounds like the slick bass purr of a German V6, crunching on gravel. A … Continue reading Poem ‘Five Minutes’